Compassionate Care with Homewatch CareGivers

Homewatch CareGivers offers kindness and service to those who need it most

Choosing a caregiver for your loved one is never an easy task. It can be overwhelming to sift through brochures or websites on your own looking for trustworthy people who can assist aging or injured loved ones live quality lives. That’s where Homewatch CareGivers can help. The in-home care provider offers high-quality, professional local caregivers you can trust. The company, which has been in business more than forty years, helps take the stress out of finding skilled caregivers to look after people with a variety of needs whether due to age, degenerative disorders, mobility issues, chronic conditions, or post-surgery recovery.

“We provide homecare to preserve the safety, the independence and dignity of the clients,” says Sharan Sihota, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Cypress. The local franchise serves clients in Cypress, Spring, Tomball and northwest Houston. 

Sharan’s team of compassionate caregivers provides a multitude of care levels to help with all parts of daily living. Some caregivers help with simple activities such as dressing, light housekeeping and mind-stimulating activities to keep people engaged, while other highly-trained caregivers offer specialized support for those with dementia or chronic illness such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. Caregivers can even aid people with more temporary needs such as recovering from childbirth or major surgery. 

While most clients choose long-term care options for aging parents or loved ones with special needs, Homewatch allows clients to book caregivers in smaller time commitments. Caregivers are available for around-the-clock support or for as little as one hour. They can stay overnight or drop in for just a few hours to relieve family caregivers who need to attend to their own health and wellbeing. 

Homewatch takes a human approach to offering quality care. Employees are background checked, undergo drug and alcohol screening, and are continually trained throughout the year. They are then matched with clients based on skill set requirements, individual needs and interests.

“We try to get to know everything about the client–what they like, what they dislike what makes them happy and what makes them sad,” Sharan says. “Our customized care plans are designed to not only to help them with their needs, but also to ensure their happiness and well-being.”

Above all, choosing a compassionate service provider is something Sharan takes very seriously. She knows from her own experience caring for her husband’s aging parents that it takes an incredible amount of empathy and kindness to be a successful full-time caregiver. She looks for those same qualities in her staffers and makes it a requirement for anyone she brings on board. 

“I try to look for somebody who has the heart to do this job,” she says. “You have to be a people person. You have to have the compassion to support their needs.” 

As the needs of each person change, caregivers can adapt and keep family members informed. Homewatch CareGivers check vitals, help with bathing or dressing and distribute medications all while making sure family members stay aware of important daily happenings via an online portal with detailed visit notes.

And while staying on top of your loved one’s ever-changing health needs can be complicated, finding quality care does not need to be with help from Homewatch CareGivers of Cypress.


7171 Highway 6 N, Suite 201

Houston, TX 


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