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Concentrating on Detail can Refresh Any Home

Megan Mosier’s Creativity Assists Homeowners in Bringing New Life and Vibrancy to Any Space

Megan Mosier is the talent behind Megan Gensky Interiors, and she lends her personal touch to each new project she works on. This featured home sits on a beautiful lake lot, which lent itself to some exciting changes.

“The clients brought me into their home to address the project of updating most it. Their layout is on a beautiful lake lot; however, with the dark coffered ceiling and old wood and tile floors, there was much updating to be done to their forever home,” she says. “I helped walk them through different ideas, including paint and tile selections.”

She says they discussed options, including how to make their built-in shelves stand out. She collaborated with her go-to contractor and painter, Danny Goldammer with Gold Standard Painting, and Frank Kent with Quality Home Concepts, to help bring the plans to life. They were able to knock out a cabinet section that really divided the room, which opened up more space for a new and much larger island.

They also devised a way to make the built-in glass cabinet section more functional by taking the upper cabinets out and adding floating shelves instead. This is her client’s favorite new addition.

“The client selected a very fun accent tile that we ran behind the shelves that made a neat statement,” Mosier says. “This area is no longer an awkward formal area for the client but now a functional, fun barware area.” 

This modern farmhouse fixer-upper style is now refreshed and brightened, with lots of grey and white tones blended into the color palette.

Mosier advises people who don’t want to completely start over when remodeling, recommending things they can do as far as space planning and decorating to truly change their space without paying too much.

“If you tidy things up and focus on elements that draw out color, texture, and pattern, your decorations will really pull everything in your space together,” she says. “I also love to add in lamps. Lighting is so crucial in my design opinion. It truly gives a warm and cozy feel to a space that creates a certain ambiance for your home. It’s kind of like the happy feeling you get during the holidays when your tree is turned on. It’s the same warmth and happiness that comes alive in your space when you turn your lamps on.” 

After gaining experience at Magnolia in Waco, Texas, Mosier began working for a local builder. That’s when she decided to start her own business and has since built a clientele through referrals from great past clients and family and friends. She has a knack for seasonal holiday decorating and has a phenomenal team that helps her set up about 40 homes each year for the holidays.

The rest of the year she uses her talent to work on remodels and new construction projects.

“These are some of the most rewarding and fun projects for me,” she says.

Visit for more information or call her at 979-209-4238.