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Little Pastry Boutique in Mason creates customized cakes, cookies and desserts for every celebration.

When you think of cakes, does a Rolex watch or a whiskey barrel come to mind? Those are just two examples of the requested creations local baker, Karla Dorado, owner of Little Pastry Boutique in Mason has crafted into amazing cakes.

When asked to describe her growing business of four years Karla says, “You cannot find this everywhere. My pastry business is creative and a place where customers can use their imagination. We can provide something unique and tasty for your celebration or your special someone.”

Karla and her husband moved their young family from Venezuela to Mason in 2007. In her home country she was a dentist with her own practice as well as a professor at a dental college.

In order to practice dentistry in the United States, she needed a license requiring three additional years of schooling. Traveling to the nearest dental school in Columbus, OH to pursue the license  while settling into a new country and caring for two young children would be difficult. Instead, she became a medical interpreter and currently works at several hospitals around the city.

Surprisingly, Karla sees a link between dentistry and pastry making. She explains, “As a dentist, I am very skilled at working with my hands and I create beautiful smiles. As a baker, I create beautiful desserts. Both of these require a crafting skill set. I missed dentistry, so starting this business enabled me to express my artistic side.”

Karla reflects on the beginnings of Little Pastry Boutique sharing, “It all started with my kids. For his birthday, my son asked for a cake like we had in Venezuela. Back home, birthday parties usually have a theme and the party is a big deal. We would do lots of decorations and the cake was a very important part of the dessert table.”

“These cakes used fondant to create precise details to match your party theme,” she continues. “That’s what motivated me to start making cakes. I am self-taught and kept getting better and better. Then one day in 2017, my daughter suggested I should start selling them. I opened an Instagram page and that is when the business began.”

The customized cakes are a specialty of Little Pastry Boutique and Karla’s personal favorites. “I have done princesses, sports themes, superheroes, cartoon characters, animals, ocean scenes, even a whiskey barrel-just about anything a customer may suggest,” Karla remarks. “These are unique cakes and are something you cannot find in a store.”

One of the most popular items is her sugary, butter cookie-cake with swiss-meringue buttercream which can be customized into a variety of shapes including letters and numbers. The cakes can then be decorated with personalized requests of colors, fruits, meringues, candies, macarons, flowers and many other toppings.

Karla’s Venezuelan background has a big influence on her baking. She relates, “I like to offer items from my country because that is part of who I am. I enjoy people learning about my culture and trying something different.”

A few of her Venezuelan inspired goodies are: Polvorosas, a delicate, sandy-textured cookie often sprinkled with powdered sugar. Alfajores, two soft cookies filled with nutella or dulce de leche (similar to caramel), and Tres Leches, a sponge cake soaked with three kinds of milk and topped with meringue. 

With holidays and graduations coming up, Karla offers themed items such as egg-shaped meringues and meringue bunny lollipops for Easter, a cake that resembles a box of flowers for Mother’s Day and personalized cakes for graduates featuring their school colors, favorite items and activities.

“I enjoy using my creativity to make delicious desserts while also helping my community as an interpreter,” she shares. “Through your work, you want to help others and see their happiness. That is what makes my day!” 

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“My pastry business is creative and a place where customers can use their imagination. We can provide something unique and tasty for your celebration or your special someone.”

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