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Confidence is a Stunning Smile

At PGS Dentistry, make the worthwhile investment in your teeth with a cutting-edge clear aligner

A beautiful smile is more than a worthwhile investment – it’s a lifetime of confidence. That’s why Dr. Patrick Sweeney, DDS, and his team at PGS Dentistry in Harrison Township, are passionate about introducing patients to the best options for a sensational smile.  

“Having a nice smile leads to more confidence, which impacts day-to-day life tremendously,” says Dr. Sweeney. “The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and is connected to the other systems in the body, so poor oral hygiene and bacteria causing decay can lead to systematic issues if not addressed. Also, making sure the occlusion of the bite is balanced throughout all of the teeth can prevent TMJ issues and headaches.” 

The latest in cosmetic treatments that is both affordable and aesthetic is Reveal, a next-generation aligner that is growing in popularity as an alternative to Invisalign. Reveal aligners require fewer attachments and are made of a unique crystal-clear, stain-resistant plastic, making them easier to maintain and clean, and in turn, less noticeable. They’re also known for their comfort because of smooth edges and how high they fit across the gums. 

Another benefit, notes Dr. Sweeney, is how quickly they work. Aside from straightening a smile, the aligners address crowded teeth, minor spacing issues, overbites, underbites and crossbites. Dr. Sweeney works with patients – teenagers and adults alike – to develop a treatment plan and personalized solution, including how many sets of Reveal aligners will be required and how the position of the teeth will change.

Colin Smith chose the aligners for their blend of effectiveness, convenience and affordability. “I wanted a solution that would correct my teeth without being too noticeable or disrupting my daily routine. I appreciate the more comfortable, less invasive approach over traditional braces, and being able to pop them out when I'm eating or brushing is just the cherry on top.”

A confident smile radiates kindness and warmth. And that makes Dr. Sweeney feel at home, even though home is still 293 miles away. The native Yooper – St. Ignace specifically – grew up with the same small-town feel he says he’s found around Harrison Township and Mount Clemens. 

“The small, tight-knit community and friendly local businesses do make me feel like I’m home. It’s been really cool in that way,” he says. 

During his pre-med studies at Northern Michigan University, Dr. Sweeney couldn’t find a field that spoke to him until he had the opportunity to shadow a dentist. “I just really liked that I was able to use my hands, and also be involved in health care and see so many patients.” 

He then trekked across the lake and down to the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, bringing with him a lifelong love of playing hockey, golfing, hunting and fishing. Dr. Sweeney joined the PGS family two years ago. 

“I love being a dentist in a private practice because it provides me the opportunity to be involved with the community and build lasting relationships with patients, while at the same time improving oral health,” he says. “I am blessed to be able to provide a healthcare service in which I get to work with my hands to help improve the quality of life for my patients.

What sets PGS Dentistry apart, says Colin, is the unparalleled commitment to personalized care. 

“From the moment you walk in, you feel part of the PGS family, with a team dedicated to understanding and meeting your personalized needs,” he says. “Their use of the latest dental technologies ensures not just effective treatments, but also a comfortable and efficient experience. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the staff's genuine care and attention, truly distinguishes them. It's not just about dental services, it's about fostering lasting relationships and ensuring every visit leaves you with a smile.”

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