The Garden: Congregating in Colorado Springs

A Biergarten Love Letter to the City under Pikes Peak

Article by Kristian DePue

Photography by Danielle Massagee Photography & Pollinate Marketing

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

The Garden is a pavement-turned-pub in the heart of Colorado Springs, thanks to the inspired aspirations of schoolteacher Julie Nasser, co-owner and operations manager.

Having lived in the Springs prior, Nasser and her husband moved to New York but were drawn back to the city, citizens and sunshine of Pikes Peak.

“First of all, what's not to like? Colorado Springs is amazing. The mountains are right there,” Nasser says with enthusiastic emphasis, pointing westward. “Ultimately, the people brought us back. Everyone is just so friendly and open.”

With the Nassers' homecoming, something had noticeably changed: they found themselves nestled in a new energy.

“When we came back, we asked, ‘What is happening?’ The city had ignited,” exclaims Nasser. “There was this new, bright vibrancy.”

Everything Except... Craft Beer Gardens

However, after experiencing craft beer gardens in nearly every New York neighborhood, the Nassers kept wishing for something similar — and, with enthusiastic encouragement, were ultimately convinced to create one themselves.

“We started playing around with the idea, one thing led to another, and here we are,” says Nasser, smiling.

The open-air venue lives at the crossing of Costilla and S. Nevada, and with a good company of neighbors: Kinship Landing (a boutique hotel), White Pie Pizzeria, Loyal Coffee and more. Being a neighbor is what Nasser has built The Garden upon, and it shows.

“The Garden is a gorgeous, relaxing environment offering unique experiences to our community,” says Rachel Laufer of Grilled Cheese Food Truck, which serves on the open terrace.

“The Garden hosts yoga, local vendor markets, movie nights and a range of live music,” continues Laufer. “It is a bar, but also a family environment with a lawn, often becoming a play area for children and adults alike.”

One of the live performers, Nick Davey, says: “I'm very well looked after by the friendly staff, and I love the overhead doors which allow playing indoors while reaching guests outside.”

Rotating Beverages + Food Trucks

Community is integrated into The Garden’s menu, as well.

“We offer a range of rotating local beer, wine, distilled spirits and the Springs' best food trucks,” says general manager, Maddie Fielding. “The Garden is a wonderful place to enjoy your favorite local beverages with our phenomenal staff, who are filled with positivity and kindness. It is a special community.”

What does Nasser have to say when reflecting on having transformed a vacant parking lot into a warm, congregating space?

“We're just really happy to be a part of Colorado Springs and how it’s growing,” she says. “We're so excited to see where this neighborhood goes because so much is happening. Everything is just exponentially growing around us but still feels small, socially. I run into familiar faces all the time. Downtown Colorado Springs is really special.”

Website: thebeergardencos.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @thegardencos

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