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Connecting Careers to the Classroom:

Ventura County Career Education Center

Walk into any classroom at the Ventura County Office of Education Career Education Center Moorpark campus and it quickly becomes evident that these are not your typical school rooms. Rather than the usual cluster of numerous desks, these classrooms may surprise campus visitors with their unusual accoutrements, including a recording studio, a radio station and even hospital beds and equipment—that’s because CEC Moorpark is comprised of far more than ordinary classrooms; instead the campus provides an environment where students can learn about and explore potential careers.

For many Conejo Valley students, the opportunity to gain education and experience in their desired career can seem far out of reach during their high school years. However, the Ventura County Office of Career Education bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional working world by providing a direct connection to the workforce through a variety of career-based programs, several of which offer certification opportunities for students. 

These courses are offered during the school year as part of the curriculum to allow public high school students to learn more about a potential career, for free, before committing to study it in college. The Moorpark campus has no shortage of classes available to students. Whether it’s flying a drone or nursing, there is something sure to pique every student’s interest. Courses explore a variety of pathways, including arts, media, entertainment, engineering and architecture, manufacturing and product development, health science and medical technology, information and communication technologies and public services.

ROP Medical Courses

The CEC Moorpark campus also offers various courses related to the medical field. These courses delve into both the business and treatment aspects of medicine. Students can expand their knowledge of anatomy and the human body through ROP Medical Terminology or learn about the fundamentals of health insurance in ROP Health Insurance Billing and Coding. ROP Medical Assistant Clinical (Back Office) and ROP Medical Office Administration (Front Office) helps students prepare for entry level work and can be taken in sequence with an internship to receive a certificate of proficiency. Those interested in math and chemistry can take the ROP Pharmacy Lab Technician course, which can help students prepare to take the State Exam.

A standout amongst these courses is the Certified Nurse Assistant Honors class. During the course of a single semester,students learn the intricacies of caring for patients in a classroom equipped with life-sized mannequins to practice with, hospital beds and several types of medical equipment. The second half of the course involves interning in a health care facility and completing a capstone project. Students can walk away from the course with CPR certification, a certificate of proficiency and the skills to qualify to take the California State Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) competency exam. Certifications enable students to immediately enter the workforce upon completion.

ROP Sound & Music Production

CEC Moorpark also offers courses for those looking to explore creative careers. The sound and music production course gives students the tools to work hands-on with sound equipment, including editing, recording, mixing and engineering. The classroom is complete with a recording studio, instruments, headphones and Macbook computers.

ROP DJ Mixing & Podcasting

In the DJ Mixing and Podcasting course, students do more than just read about podcasting and mixing, they engage in it. Students can write and produce their own podcasts in a makeshift radio station and work with Adobe Audition, turning their favorite songs into professional quality mixes they can present to potential employers. At any given time, a student might be perched in one of the seats surrounding various microphones, discussing topics they are passionate about for a live radio audience. The course also familiarizes students with operating equipment and working with sound. As with all CEC courses, the class is taught by an instructor with experience in the field.

ROP Air Academy: Aerial Video & Photography

The popular ROP Air Academy gives students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with drones. The course teaches students the necessary skills to operate drones and encompasses the role drones play in videography and photography. The class also prepares students to take the FAA Commercial Drone licensing exam and provides the opportunity to earn a certificate of proficiency.

Information & Communication Technology

Whether their interests lie in engineering or game design, students can find endless opportunities to work with computers. ROP Cyber Security Honors enables students to respond to online security threats using several operating systems and teaches them about the legal and ethical practices associated with cyber security.

ROP Computer Aided Drafting and Design Honors is a course within the Engineering and Architecture or Manufacturing and Product Development field that offers dual credit with Moorpark Community College. Through various projects, students learn about architecture and design. The course is designed to be paired with ROP Engineering Honors.

ROP Digital Media for Game Designers and ROP Unity Game Development can also be taken together. These courses provide instruction in the basics of coding and game design, allowing students to create prototypes. ROP Game Design Studio Honors offers an in-depth look at the game design industry, including programming, marketing and interview preparation. In this course, students build their own portfolio and create a capstone project. 

Most classes at the Moorpark campus take place from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Regardless of which career students are interested in pursuing, CEC Moorpark provides the perfect place to take the first step into the professional world. 

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