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Connecting Feelings to Design Trends and Products

Local Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery consultant shares new trends

With insight from style icons, industry influencers, and leading market research, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery released Trends & Influences VII, featuring innovations in plumbing, lighting, and appliances. Showroom Consultant and Product Expert Paige Snodgrass shared why we lean toward trends.

“Think about when you turn on the radio and hear a song from when you were a teen. Memories come flooding back and it’s like you are experiencing them again. Or when we turn on a type of music so we can feel a certain way. It’s the same in design selection. They may not know how to describe the feeling in words, but homeowners want products that recreate a feeling. We look to trends for inspiration. Trends give words to those feelings.”

1)      A Study in Blue - Not only does blue pair well with nearly every other color, but its various hues can help create a calming serene environment.

2)      Duo of the Year: Nature & Texture - Utilize fixtures that feature rough tree bark, cold hard stone, and lively green grass to create a space that’s as close to being one with nature as possible without living in the forest.

3)      Perfectly Paired - Diamonds and pearls, linen and lace, strawberries and champagne. Much like the products seen here, some things just go together naturally.

4)      Simply Stunning - Plain doesn’t mean boring, and clean doesn’t mean sterile. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need in a space. Make the most of your space with a select number of uncomplicated fixtures and appliances.

5)      Tropical Tangent - Feel that? That’s the peaceful warm breeze of paradise, and you can bring it home with a variety of naturally alluring fixtures and appliances.

6)      Vibrant Eclecticism - Your taste isn’t limited to one specific style. Instead, you borrow from many regions, eras and fashions to create something truly you and truly unique.

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