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The Gallery A Salon, Keeping Their Wayne Area Family Beautiful for 20 Years

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by John Agnello

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

There’s a theme that runs deep through the veins of The Gallery A Salon’s DNA. Family. When you talk to anyone there — stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, front desk and support staff, customers — they’ll all tell you that this place is more than a full service salon. This is a family. 

Co-owners Kim, Madison, Carla, and Donna — each hands-on master stylists and technicians — have been through the gamut of life stages together, along with their staff and customers. They’ve been young mothers and empty nesters. They’ve had the same customers who came in for their Junior Prom styles who now bring their own children in, as they head off college.

These are four women who can take on anything.

The Gallery A Salon celebrated its 20th anniversary this past September 11th. Yes, it means it was THAT September 11th. But despite a beginning that coincided with a historically disastrous day, the shop has grown into a powerhouse. They’re deeply grateful to the community, giving back in ways that go well beyond simply styling hair, beautifying nails, and even full-body waxing. They help to transform the lives of those who come here, even when the shop is closed.

Kim and Madison each affirmed their appreciation that they have for their clienteles’ support they’ve received during their twenty years in business, especially during the strain of the lockdown. “Without that,” Madison says, “we wouldn’t be here.”

The salon is now in its third location in the Preakness Shopping Center, settling into a huge space next to CVS. They built this space four years ago from the ground up, painstakingly designing all that went into it to get exactly what they needed. They had to close down due to the pandemic on their second anniversary, but three months later they emerged stronger than ever as people raced back to normal - and their salon. And because of their well-planned design, the shop was perfectly appointed to accommodate all of the protocols that became so commonplace in keeping everyone healthy and safe.

But it’s not the function that you’ll notice when you enter the salon. Instead, you’ll see the strikingly modern black and white decor and beautiful hardwood flooring. But what will certainly get your attention is the unique color bar, where customers can pull up a stool and order a custom haircolor instead of a cocktail. It’s just this attention to detail and advanced customer forethought that sets the Gallery apart.

The entire staff is highly trained. They’ve even taken it international. This month, they closed the salon so they could all travel to an event hosted by stylist and beauty educator Jacob Khan, ensuring that everyone there stays on trend. 

Education is a tenet of their culture, from the day any new stylist comes on board. Carla, the Artistic Director of the salon, makes sure that each of them goes through their custom training to make sure that their customers all receive the best possible Gallery A Salon experience. And once someone comes in, they become a fixture there. Many of their staff have been with them since the very beginning. Again, they’re part of the family.

So what does the future of The Gallery A Salon look like? According to Melissa, the salon’s manager, it’s simple. “That we grow old together.”

The Gallery A Salon is located in the Preakness Shopping Center at 1210 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne. They’re open weekdays from 7:30am-8:30pm, Saturdays from 8am-6:30pm, and Sundays from 10am-3pm. 

You can reach the salon at (973) 696-6637 and find more information about their services on their website,

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