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Continuing a Legacy

Will Ivey, founder of Ivey Site Solutions, is making a name for himself while carrying on his family legacy

 Will Ivey, owner of Ivey Site Solutions, comes from a family of construction entrepreneurs. His great grandfather was a carpenter, his grandfather was a custom home builder, and his father and uncle own Ivey Homes. You might could say construction and an entrepreneurial spirit are both in his blood.

 Will has been around construction his entire life. He showed interest in the construction business and started working summers at the age of fifteen. “I grew up in construction around job sites and enjoyed it, but I wanted to branch out and do my own thing,” says Will. He has always loved operating the big equipment at construction sites, so he decided to pursue a career in site work. In the beginning of February, Will officially opened Ivey Site Solutions, LLC.

 “I wondered if he would follow me into the family homebuilding business or if he would do something on his own. It was always his choice to make,” says Will’s father, Mark Ivey. “I can remember taking him out on some of our development sites and letting him ride on the equipment when he was a youngster. There was one occasion when he was walking a site with me when he was about eight and he got stuck in the mud. When I pulled him out, his boots stayed in the mud. We had some explaining to do to his mother Sonia when we got home.”

 According to Mark, Will has never been afraid of hard work and seems to have a knack for buying and selling things. Will bought and sold used boats and ATVs for fun over a two-year period and made enough money for a down payment on his first piece of equipment. With that equipment purchase, Will started Ivey Site Solutions, a company that offers mulching, clearing, grading, erosion control, and utility trenching for residential and commercial projects. Will enjoys how each job is unique and different every time. “I get to turn my customers’ vision into a reality. I always like how happy they are when I get it done,” says Will.

 As the co-owner of a local business, Will’s father, Mark, has shared words of wisdom and advice with Will over years. “He always preaches to me about cash flow. Keep the money flowing and use it to reinvest in the business to grow it, don’t go spend it on yourself. He also has always told me and his employees to do the job right the first time and treat people the way you want to be treated,” says Will.

 “I couldn’t be prouder of Will deciding to make his own path. He really has an interest in doing site work. He is a hard worker and I know he will do well,” says Mark.

 In his spare time, Will is training to get his pilot’s license. He recently took his first solo flight and hopes to have his helicopter pilots license by the end of the year. He also enjoys deer and bird hunting with his dad and spending time with the family at the lake.
Ivey Site Solutions offers free consultations. To schedule a consultation or for more information about Ivey Site Solutions, call Will at 706-799-9407 or message him on Facebook at Ivey Site Solutions. You can also find Will on Instagram at @iveysitesolutions. For more information about Ivey Homes, visit