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Cook Smart this Holiday Season with WDC Kitchen & Bath Center

Tis the season for family traditions like whipping up special holiday meals and treats to enjoy with loved ones. Today’s smart kitchens make light work of creating the perfect holiday feast, providing convenience and time-saving shortcuts so ease and joy become the focus of the season.

Today’s kitchens include several smart appliances that connect to a smartphone, tablet or a central operating system like Alexa, giving users the ability to control the entire kitchen remotely based on pre-programmed preferences.

Imagine the convenience of having the ability to easily manage your appliances from anywhere, inside or outside the home. Preheating the oven, starting the dishwasher and checking the contents of your refrigerator are all tasks that can be quickly handled from your phone while purchasing groceries at the store.

“The smart home has the potential to change how we live by outsourcing menial tasks to a digital assistant and leaving us to get on with more important tasks,” says Keith Hazelben, E-Commerce Manager at WDC Kitchen & Bath Center in Moorpark.

The family-owned WDC Kitchen & Bath Center carries a wide variety of smart appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, washing machines and dryers from leading manufacturers. Offering the best prices on high-quality appliances and an expert, friendly staff, WDC Kitchen & Bath Center boasts five luxurious showrooms where customers will find manufacturer-trained professionals ready to answer questions and guide them through the buying process.

WDC’s Look & Learn consultations provide an overview of different brands, covering the latest innovations and various price ranges and models. Consultants assist customers to examine their lifestyle for the years to come to ensure their selections are well-suited for the long term. WDC also hosts informational cooking demonstrations, so customers can see the appliances in action and discuss the various benefits and features with manufacturers.

When it comes to cooking tasty holiday meals, a smart Convection Steam Oven is the best bet during the busy holiday season, recommends Hazelben. These appliances will cut down the cooking time, help cooks multi-task and will make the cleanup so much easier. While cooking a 15-pound turkey takes roughly 5 hours in a traditional oven, a Convection Steam Oven appliance cuts the cooking time to 2 hours. The steam locks in the moisture while still keeping the outside crisp and roasted. Save even more time by preheating, adjusting temperatures or even turning the oven on and off from anywhere, even while shopping for last-minute gifts! The ovens are designed with quick self-cleaning cycles and have grime-resistant coatings that make cleaning up easy.

“You don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef in order to make a quick, tasty and creative meal,” notes Habelben. Smart appliances make it simple—"create a list of new dishes you’d like to try on a smart display like the Google Home Hub or Alexa Show and then ask them for the recipe. If you’re using a Google Home speaker simply say: ‘Hey Google, find me a chocolate brownie recipe,’ and it will list some from a range of approved partners, including Food Network, New York Times and BBC ‘Good Food.’”

Smart kitchens can also help take the guesswork out of cooking delicious meals. Pre-programmed settings can determine the precise temperatures and cooking times for various recipes. Some manufacturers even provide recipes with instructions on what pre-programmed settings to use on each step of the recipe right into the Smartphone App. Foods like slow-cooked pulled pork no longer require specialist equipment or hours of patience. Instead simply pop the meat into a smart oven like Bosch’s Home Connect collection and you can leave the house knowing that your food will be cooked to perfection by the time you get home. Instantly become a roasting perfectionist by using a smart oven like the Samsung’s Chef Collection, which lets you pick from hundreds of pre-set recipes, entering the weight and type of meat and then sitting back as the oven does everything else for you.

And smart refrigerators do much more than just keep your food cold. If programmed correctly, smart refrigerators can take inventory of what is inside, alert users of food freshness, recommend purchasing more items based on inventory, and even make meal recommendations based on what is available.

“Tiny mounted cameras on the inside of the fridge like the Smarter Fridge Cam mean that no matter which aisle of the supermarket you’re in, you can see a live picture of everything you have, and, more importantly, everything you don’t,” says Habelben.

The latest smart fridges like Samsung’s Family Hub can serve as a family calendar, recording to-do lists, reminders and appointments electronically rather than with a confused mass of post-it notes and magnet-held notes.

Security and energy efficiency are also added benefits of a smart kitchen. Smart appliances come with security measures that alert users of problems or malfunctions. For example, a smart range will notify users if a burner was left on, or a dishwasher will notify users if it detects a leak. These notifications will alert users to any small problems that arise, so that complications can be avoided in the future. Smart appliances also monitor energy consumption, which in the long run cuts down on bills. For example, a refrigerator can alert the users if the internal temperature is too low or too high. Users can also be alerted to not run appliances during peak energy hours or to run appliances on power-saving mode.

For a wide selection of the latest smart appliances and superior customer service, visit WDC Kitchen & Bath Center today.

WDC Kitchen & Bath Center is located at 30621 Canwood Street in Agoura Hills. Call 818.991.8846 or visit Additional showrooms are in Moorpark, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Torrance.