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Cookbook roundup

Every worthy home chef needs a few well-chosen cookbooks in their arsenal, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose from the vast array of options in the bookstore. Never fear. We are here to offer our favorite recommendations tailored to how you cook.

For the Food Nerd:

The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Ever wondered how to sear a steak perfectly, with a charred crust and perfectly medium-rare interior? Or pondered the perfect way to marinate different meats? This book is for you. Serious Eats’ guru takes you through the science – the whys and more importantly the hows – of getting your food perfect each time. Filled with fantastic takes on time-honored recipes, and worth the buy for the fried shallot recipe alone. The savory golden oil left over from the fry is the absolute perfect cooking medium.

For the Veggie Lover:

Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables by Abra Berens

Cooking vegetables perfectly can be trickier than expected. It’s easy to overcook or to simply fall back on the same basic recipes every single time. Ruffage takes you on a journey to truly appreciating fresh produce. From how to choose produce at a farmer’s market to how to prepare and cook each of them in new and innovative ways, this book will up your veggie game to the next level.

For the Experimenter:

The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity by Andrew Dornenberg

So you’re a seasoned cook who likes to tweak recipes to suit your particular taste, or invent your own with ingredients you already have in your pantry. This book draws on dozens of leading chefs’ experience in combining ingredients in ways that bring out the flavor of everything. Did you know that cinnamon perfectly compliments blueberries> Or what foods go really well with cognac?

For the Little Chef:

Basic to Brilliance Kids by Donna Hay

There is nothing more enjoyable than introducing your children to the wonders of taste, food and flavors. Her new book highlights the importance of mastering the basics, celebrates fresh, healthy food, and the joy of cooking, eating and sharing delicious food with the people we love. Featuring over 120 fantastic, fun-filled, simple, family-friendly recipes, Basics to Brilliance Kids gives you and your kids endless ideas for birthday parties, picnics, school fairs and bake sales, family and celebration dinners, brilliant breakfasts, beach days, backyard movie nights and sleepovers.

  • Basics to Brilliance Kids
  • The Flavor Bible
  • The Food Lab
  • Ruffage