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Cooperative Solar

Now GreyStone Power Members Can Harness the Power of the Sun

People are becoming more interested in renewable energy and reducing their environmental impact. GreyStone Power, a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, offers its residential members an easy way to participate in solar energy — through its Cooperative Solar program.

“Whether people rent or own their home, GreyStone Power members can participate in Cooperative Solar,” said Dept. Manager of Residential Energy Services Drew Hook. “This program makes solar energy available to members who may not be able to install rooftop solar panels due to cost, location issues, HOA restrictions or lease agreements,” added Hook.

With Cooperative Solar, members can participate for just $22 a month per block. There is no contract and participants may cancel at any time. Currently, about 690 GreyStone Power residential members are enrolled in the Cooperative Solar program. GreyStone’s solar portfolio includes a large solar facility that the cooperative built, manages and maintains in Paulding County.

“It’s ideal for members who want to participate in solar without the upfront installation and continued maintenance costs associated with a rooftop solar system,” said Hook. “It’s one more way we’re making life better for the people we serve.”

Cooperative Solar participants receive a monthly solar credit on their electric bill from their block(s). Because solar energy is dependent on the weather — only producing when the sun shines — the solar credits vary based on the amount of solar energy produced. The time of year and weather conditions at the site factor into that.

GreyStone Power has additional projects underway to add more solar generated energy to its power supply mix. A new solar facility is now operational and another is scheduled to start this spring. Assuming all planned facilities are completed on schedule, GreyStone will have a total of 57 megawatts of solar energy by the end of 2021 — enough to power about 9,500 homes per year.

There are still blocks available for GreyStone residential members ready to capture their share of the sun. Members can find details and sign up at

The cooperative offers some of the lowest rates in the state and stays in tune with members’ increased interest in renewables. That’s why GreyStone continues to make clean, green solar energy widely available to its members.

GreyStone Power is a member-owned cooperative providing electricity and related services to more than 119,000 members in eight counties, including portions of Fulton, Paulding, Douglas, Cobb, Carroll, Bartow, Fayette and Coweta counties.