Coquito Recipe

Puerto Rican Eggnog

Come holiday season, savor the flavor of the Caribbean with Coquito - a traditional drink, made by the batch, that tastes like sweet, creamy coconut kissed by cinnamon and spices. It is similar to American-style eggnog, but varies in origin of ingredients with each family’s coquito coming out slightly different.

A standard and easy start is the 1-1-1-1-1 method, using 1 can or cup of each base ingredient. Some listed items like vanilla, nutmeg and rum are strongly recommended, but optional. Fun non-traditional variations include: pistachio, oreo, chocolate, and banana.

1. Gather ingredients: 12oz can coconut cream; 13.5oz can coconut milk; 12oz can evaporated milk; 14oz can sweetened condensed milk; rum; cinnamon sticks; cloves, star anise, vanilla, ground nutmeg & cinnamon.

2. Make tea base: Boil 1 cup water with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise. Discard spices & let cool.

3.  Pour milks together: In a blender or large bowl, pour together all the cans: coconut cream, coconut milk, evaporated milk, and sweet condensed. Mix thoroughly until smooth.

4. Combine bases: Add tea base to milk base blending until mixed. Taste test and adjust to liking. Optional: Add 1 cup rum of choice and spices. Blend, taste, and adjust if needed.

5. Chill: Bottle in the fridge until cold - at least one or two hours, but the colder the better.

6. Top with spice & enjoy! Once chilled and ready to serve, mix vigorously to reincorporate ingredients. Pour into a glass, lightly top with ground cinnamon, and enjoy!

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