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Hyperlocal, Ranch-to-Kitchen Meat

Colorful Colorado is home to our very own purple mountain majesty. Coloradoans love the land and utilize those 300 days of sunshine to their fullest. We are conscious of our landscape, our eco-systems and our health. We wear our flag proudly and we support local where we can.

It only makes sense that a company like Corner Post Meats set roots right here in Colorado Springs.

Adrienne Larrew and Dan Lorenz originally met on a Wyoming ranch in 2004. A seemingly unlikely pair, Adrienne grew up around the ranch scene in Colorado, but Dan had grown up in the Chicago suburbs. Adrienne was harkening back to her roots while Dan was looking to get out of the city and connect more with nature. What they did have in common was that they saw opportunities to infuse more intentionality into the food system and connect those systems directly to their eaters. After spending a few years learning the trade they decided to start their own ranch focusing on being the change they wanted to see in the food system.

In 2013, Corner Post Meats was established. 

Habitats + Landscapes

Ranch-to-kitchen is the concept and after considering their options, they chose to partner with the National Audubon Society and lease a little more than 1,500 acres in northern Colorado Springs in 2015. Audubon land is a haven for birds with the active purpose of improving their habitat using “science, advocacy, education and on-the-ground conservation” like partnering with local ranchers. Habitats and landscapes are living, breathing things and the partnership with Audubon helps improve the land through the use of livestock. Your ranchers have a vested interest in caring for the land and the habit. Their livelihood comes from the land and that makes them the ultimate conservationists.

As the land stewards, Corner Post Meats has a set a grazing plan to cycle the animals’ rooting, fertilizing and grazing. This process ensures that the management of the soil, water and nutrients of the land’s natural resources are balanced to maintain productivity and plant health. Dan and Adrienne actively engage in timber management by taking bird hikes. Adrienne explained that through mindful maintenance of the birds’ habitat, they are able to gauge the habitat for other small mammals, rodents and pollinators. These small animals are vital to the vegetation. The vegetation fuels the livestock. All of these pieces fit together to grow well-cared-for and healthy animals that will ultimately nourish the consumer.

Sustainably Raised Meat

Nomadically raised beef and forest foraging pork are only a couple of options offered by Corner Post Meats. They partner with Pasturebird to offer pasture grazed chicken. And a partnership with Seafood Producers Coop allows them to provide wild, line-caught fish. Their goal is to put the consumer as close as possible to the source of their food in order to holistically provide for the whole person. In other words, Dan and Adrienne believe you don't have to give up meat for better health and a healthier planet.

They currently offer subscription boxes or you can choose your own adventure with a la carte offerings. Occasionally, they also offer bulk ordering to fill the freezer with nutrient-rich meat to last all year long. Their country store offers cooking essentials like bones and tallow.  And if you just can’t decide, there are gift cards and gift boxes available. 

If you have been looking for eco-conscious, nutrient-dense meats to infuse into your intentionally created home menus, Corner Post Meats is your hyperlocal connection. 

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