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Agency’s Mission to Help Mitigate Threats to Life, Property and Prosperity

Very few people in this country (and abroad) made it through 2020 unscathed. Even if you and your family managed not to fall ill with COVID-19, it’s likely your business took a hit, or you have had to work from home for a time, and/or your children were forced to stay home when their schools, kindergartens and daycare centers closed.

For those living in the metro area, an early ice storm in November meant more school closings, widespread power outages and treacherous roadways due to massive overhanging branches that threatened to fall on people, vehicles, homes and businesses alike.

Of course, real threats—to life, property and prosperity—surround us in even “good” years. In Oklahoma, we face tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other natural phenomena, as well as random events such as vehicular accidents, accidental falls at home and burglaries.

While there’s no way to totally protect yourself and your family from these and other threats, there is one thing everyone—homeowners, renters, business people, etc.—can do to help mitigate the negative effects. Purchase adequate insurance.

Michael “Mike” Corrales with Corrales & Associates Allstate Team has, quite literally, made it his life mission to ensure that an unfortunate situation like a house fire or F-4 tornado doesn’t prove catastrophic for his agency’s clients. This is done by helping each client come up with an affordable, prudent insurance plan to protect their major investments, including policies for the home, auto, motorcycle, boat and/or RV. Corrales & Associates also offers commercial, life and even pet health insurance.

Mike established Corrales & Associates in October 2020, but while the agency itself is young, it’s a part of Allstate, which has been a trusted company for almost 90 years.

 “Our agency’s mission is to make sure that your family is protected like we would protect our very own,” Mike says, adding, “I love being able to help families and protect them from a potential catastrophe.”

During the pandemic, Mike and his agency staff have worked closely with clients to help them purchase or maintain insurance policies adequate to cover any possible obligations following a claim but that’s affordable when wages/income has been negatively affected over the short term.

Looking at insurance policies in general, Mike says the one that is too often neglected is life insurance.

“Most people have a great need for life insurance to protect the family they leave behind, but you’d be surprised how many families are not adequately protected. There are many multi-income earners today, and most need the life insurance protection so that they may maintain their current obligations even after the loss of a family member,” Mike says, adding, “The cost of life insurance is very inexpensive, especially when comparing the benefits of it.”

Most people, Mike says, have several insurance needs, and they offer several multipolicy discounts to make coverage affordable. “For example, those who bundle their home and auto save, on average, 25%.”

The fledgling agency has already garnered industry acknowledgment for their work. Corrales & Associates has been recognized by Allstate as a “top tier” agency since inception.

 Mike and his associates also work hard to “insure” something that doesn’t come in a policy: a strong community.

“Our agents are active in civic clubs and various community organizations,” he says. “We recognize the importance of being involved in the community and giving back to our neighbors. Bottom line: We pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with our customers and neighbors and hope to provide service to the community for generations to come.”

Corrales & Associates Allstate Team

6401 N Interstate Drive #136

Norman, OK 73069



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