Cosmetic Surgery In 2024

Plastic Surgeon Deniz Sarhaddi, M.D., Addresses Top Questions

Cosmetic surgery offers individuals the opportunity to improve their physical appearance, address specific concerns and boost confidence. Chesterfield-based plastic surgeon Deniz Sarhaddi, M.D., with St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, says she believes when people look their best, they feel their best. She's also an enthusiastic educator, committed to training St. Louis University senior plastic surgery residents in aesthetic surgery. Chesterfield City Lifestyle asked Dr. Sarhaddi what the future holds for plastic surgery.


Full-Face Rejuvenation is predicted to be the top trend of 2024. What does this procedure entail?

"For a full facial rejuvenation, I recommend my patients start with the most basic part: skin care. An even, bright complexion alone can take years off of any face, and involves consistency with a few key products at home. A full facial rejuvenation can include nonsurgical and surgical interventions (usually a customized combination of the two) to correct signs of aging from the hairline down to the clavicles."

What two main elements should patients consider when deciding with you between surgical or nonsurgical approaches? 

"The goal and the degree of facial laxity are two of the most important things to consider. The best person to assess when a patient has graduated from nonsurgical maintenance to surgical intervention is a provider who is an expert in both."

What should patients expect at their first plastic surgery consultation?

"My patients can expect to sit down with me for about an hour, to review their medical/surgical history and any nonsurgical interventions they have undergone (if it’s a face consult), to have a full exam in front of a mirror where I'll discuss with them what I see, and then we will take time to review options to address their concerns, and I will answer any questions."

How will you use artificial intelligence and 3D imaging during the new year?

"I routinely use 3D imaging for breast-related surgeries to 'try on' implants of different sizes and projections. This approach basically always matches up with the preoperative trial with bra sizers, and I find my patients are happy with their final implant size after surgery."

"2024 will be the year of looking natural and choosing interventions that make us feel more like ourselves. This means diligent skin care, tasteful injectables, small breast enhancements, weight loss optimizing results from surgical interventions and facial rejuvenation surgery that maintains a natural, cohesive look."

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