Costumes For Your Name

After All, Isn't That What a Nickname Really Is?

Ever since we were kids, October meant one big thing: Halloween. You might spend the entire month planning your costume for one big night to hide behind a mask and be someone else for a while.

In that spirit, we took things a step further this month and decided to take a look at something else that you might be living with since your youth – nicknames. What about those names that people call you that become a costume for your very name?

Here’s a few from some people we heard from. Do you have any great nicknames that you’ve had that you’d like to share? Let us know on our Wayne Lifestyle Instagram page!

Rich Duva:  "Chin" due to my prominent chin.

Joe Laporta: "The Friendly Accountant" -  it's in the name.

George Jeffray: "Foggy" because my brothers both said I always looked like I was confused.

James Feminello:  "James Aloysius"  My grandma always called me that. It means "Famous Warrior".

Joe Rude: "Mr. Sunshine" It's what I do professionally and personally, I try to spread the sunshine!

Paul Bastante: "Paulie Ankles"  When playing softball, I got hit in the ankles all the time when I was batting.

Derek Vanelli: "Milli Vanilli" For obvious reasons.

Amber Muldune: "Timber" I was tall for a girl so every time I fell, they said I looked like a tree falling.

Vince Boyer: "Peacock" I'm not even sure why!

Trish Elliot: "Aunt Swish" because my nephews could never say my name.

Don Seaman: "Thunderfingers" My old band called me that - I was the bass player.

Phillip Barone:  "El Gato"  because my baseball teammates said I moved like a cat in the infield.

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