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Castle Rock Countertops' Shara Costillo Works to Turn Visions Into Reality

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or simply looking for a way to spruce up your space, countertops are the best place to start. Many home remodels start in the kitchen—for many of us, it’s the focal point of celebrations (think Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve!) as well as social gatherings throughout the year.

While most people would consider it an easy decision to make, kitchen countertops come in many different designs that revamp the place where you gather amongst friends and family for a meal. It’s important to review the many styles and stones before choosing the best centerpiece for your kitchen.

At Castle Rock Countertops (, Shara and Raul Castillo built their family business with over 20 years of experience between the pair. Both professionals work hands-on with their clients to fabricate natural stone into high-end countertops alongside the help of their team. By staying up-to-date with the industry and combining their skilled workmanship, Castle Rock Countertops consistently transforms your countertops from basic to breathtaking.

Shara Castillo considers her first steps into the business as a fluke. In 2002, she was employed as a funeral director. One of her friends worked at a stone yard and encouraged her to take a leap of faith into the world of countertops, where Shara met her husband. She has been in the business ever since.

Shara works closely with sales and customer service, and she refers to her team of three as “the talent.” From templating to installation, her team works diligently to craft personalized countertops as they specialize in fine detailed marble work. Shara and Raul’s relationship with their clients sets them apart from other businesses.

 “I'm very hands-on, and I will go out every single time to the client’s house and look at their space and listen to what they are thinking,” Shara said. “Then, I personally take them to the stone yard to let them look and give them some guidance as far as what materials work well together. I always give people large samples so that they can take it home and admire it for a few days.”

When it comes to the client’s vision, some want to craft their dream kitchen while others aim to create a kitchen space for future homeowners to enjoy. At Castle Rock Countertops, the Castillos suggest designing for yourself if you don’t plan on moving for the next five to 10 years. If you’re looking to change locations in less than five years, consider designing your kitchen countertops based on what is trending.

Shara and Raul believe kitchen renovations should do one of two things: either increase the quality of your home life or benefit you financially should you decide to move.

Turning a vision into reality starts with deciding which style of countertop to choose from. Shara recommends quartz as her go-to, as it comes in so many different looks that can be tailored to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Quartz is also made to last, as this stone acts as an extremely strong surface material that is resistant to chips and scratches. With a large family, quartz is a viable option that resists stains and water damage in case your home tends to get a little messy.

Cambria Portrush is another style of countertop that incorporates rich navy-blue, gray and black veins throughout a porcelain slab. This stone option works with a variety of kitchen designs, from farmhouse to modern. The Cambria Portrush is nonporous and nonabsorbent, giving your kitchen a bold, clean surface to work with. It is also available in high gloss or matte finish, according to your preference.

After choosing which stone works best with your ideal kitchen design, it may be time for the construction of your perfectly tailored countertops. While working inside the home can cause a frenzy, Castle Rock Countertops aims to minimize the effect on their client’s indoor living and personal routines. Shara and Raul strive for fast-paced construction to impact their customers’ lifestyles as little as possible. To keep things running smoothly, Shara says to consider keeping your pets in another room, as a furry friend underfoot a countertop construction might cause more than just a little ruckus.

Kitchen countertops serve as more than just a food preparation area–they are a gathering place where friends and family come together. When looking for your next kitchen project, consider consulting a professional in the countertop business. Castle Rock Countertops’ mission is to design a countertop that flows best with your desired home interior. Regardless of the size of the project, Shara and Raul Castillo are prepared to turn your dreams into action.

“I focus on every single job, no matter how big or how small,” Shara said.

“I work as if it were my own home. I want everyone to be as thrilled with the finished product as they were when they started thinking about redoing their kitchen.

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