Date Night Right

Local Relationship Gurus Jeff & Donna Meador take us on a tour of the some most romantic date night spots in the Metro

Dating. Some of you dread it. I did too until I discovered the secret. The subject captivated me so much I studied it like it was a college course and then I wrote a book about it. Now I say, “If you don’t enjoy dating, you’re doing it wrong.” 

For some reason I had the idea that once you had “the conversation” and you were a thing, the courtship ended. No more surprises (which I love) and no more Saturday night dates. I was wrong.

Our wedding vows consisted of Jeffrey telling me it was his goal to make me fall in love with him, every day, all over again. Whether we’re alone in the house or out to eat, Jeff always gets the door and my chair. 

Date night whether it be Friday or Saturday has never stopped and I’m almost always astonished. And let’s not forget about the list. That's right. He has a bonafide list. Jeff’s list is broken down into “Ambience,” “Cost,” “Adventurous,” and sometimes we'll just decide to jump in the car and go for an “explore” to see where we land. That’s how we discovered the best lamb shank around. Zorba’s Greek Cafe in Chandler is a real treat. Unassuming and friendly, this little hole-in-the-wall place is now our favorite when we want good, solid, comfort food. During the pandemic we made sure to support Zorba’s every chance we could.

Last week we were in the mood for one of our go-to places. High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill in Gilbert. It offers a spacious, contemporary spot for seafood, burgers, beer and oysters, but my choice is usually the crab cake. The staff, food and ambience do not disappoint. Also a great place to enjoy the bar.

Then there’s Cuisine & Wine Bistro in Chandler. We enjoyed it so much when Jeff took me there for our 2nd month anniversary, he decided we should get engaged there. This sophisticated, family-owned establishment offers classic French cuisine you are sure to enjoy.

Remember, date night doesn’t have to be at night. It was our good fortune to meet Dave and Flor, the owners of Ghost Ranch in Tempe the last time we were there. How fun! This chic venue features modern Southwest cuisine and is our favorite place when I have a yen for a Burger. Both the food and the drink menu are one page which is usually a sign that the food is going to be exceptional, and it is. 

Trying new places is part of the dating experience – one such place is The Salt Cellar in Scottsdale. New England-style seafood served in an intimate underground hideaway. I believe it is the only underground restaurant in Arizona. The food was great and the decor felt like we were right in the heart of a big city which was exciting in itself! 

Don’t limit yourself to just the two of you. We ventured out with one of our favorite couples to experience The Top of the Rock Restaurant in Tempe. New American cafe in a Marriott Hotel offering 360-degree views of the valley below and rustic decor. That in itself was a treat.

And finally there’s The Hidden House in Chandler. Fine dining in a secluded, country-chic setting, plus an informal bar. Not to be missed! Jeff took me there on our first Valentine’s Day together. We’ve been back multiple times since. The ambiance, the service, and the food never disappoints. 

So if you feel like your relationship needs a little pizzazz, come up with a plan. It doesn't have to cost an arm-and-a-leg. The joy of life is experiencing something new and there’s nothing more exciting than having that experience with the person you’re in love with. That, Jeffrey says, is how he gets me to fall in love with him…every day…All Over Again.

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