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Cousin's Bar-B-Q Tips for Making the Perfect Brisket

Texas is known for producing some of the best BBQ in the world. With this being the case, it has almost become a right of passage as a Texan to be able to smoke a perfect brisket - one with an ideal bark, a thick smoke ring, and as moist as can be. Setting out to do this, however, is no easy task. In an effort to help us all produce a Texas-worthy brisket, the fine people at Cousin’s Bar-B-Q have shared some steps that will help you become the best pitmaster on the block.

  • We recommend starting with the highest quality meat available. You can even buy a raw Prime brisket in the Cousins fresh meat markets.
  • Fat helps retain moisture and protects your brisket for the long cook, so trim to about 1/4 inch fat coverage to yield the best sliced brisket. Be sure to keep everything smooth and curvy. Leaving sharp edges will get crispy and burn up in the cook.
  • Season with your favorite rub.
  • Set your cooker to 225-250, and get ready for the long haul.
  • Your cook will take many hours, but it’s ready when you can insert a probe or thermometer without any resistance.
  • Wrap in butcher paper and rest until 140 degrees. Hold in Yeti or set the oven at 140 until ready to eat. 

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