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Megan and Cole with the Firestone sign on their Speeding Springs property

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Full Speed Ahead

Dripping Classic Car Collectors with Dreams for the Community

Sister-brother duo Megan and Cole Salyards are no strangers to the auto industry. Growing up their family-owned over 500 body shops across the nation. Car expertise is in their blood. When they initially came to Dripping Springs, the goal was to open a Hill Country wedding venue. Megan chose a beautiful piece of land off Creek Road with rolling hills as the perfect destination. Soon realizing what Dripping craved but was lacking, the siblings pivoted and made the decision to turn their wedding venue dream into a car lover’s paradise. Swapping floor-to-ceiling windows for rolling garage doors, their 9,000 square feet, the impeccably constructed timber wedding venue is turning into the ultimate garage complete with car turntables. 

With a passion for buying and selling classic cars, Megan and Cole have managed the sale of everything from Chevelles to Mustangs. Their garage is full of awe-worthy metal, including the one-of-a-kind 1975 Ford Bronco featured on our cover. They don’t want their dream to be kept to themselves. 

“Enough having car shows in random barren parking lots. We want this to be a place for the community to enjoy,” says Megan. Check them out on Instagram @speedingsprings.


  • Megan and Cole with the Firestone sign on their Speeding Springs property