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Favorite Reads From Mel

Reading more is a common New Year's resolution, and a perfect one to start during colder months. While waiting for spring, curling up with a good, inspirational book is the perfect way to pass time, away from busy, screen-filled lives. Need some ideas? Here are a couple of my favorites.

Vincent and Theo

by Deborah Heiligman

If you’re an art enthusiast, or maybe just a big fan of the recent Beyond Van Gogh immersive exhibit in St. Louis, you will love diving further into Van Gogh’s life story. Told by actual letters translated between Vincent and his brother, Theo, this book tells the story of Vincent’s life of successes and tragedies. Vincent’s brother had so much to do with his art career, and the two shared a unique relationship captured by hundreds of letters. It’s an easy and addicting read.

Rocket Men

by Robert Kurson

I found this book to be such an inspiring page-turner. Detailing the first mission to the moon ever made by humans, the story of Apollo 8 is captivating -- even if science and space aren’t your typical favorite topics. We often remember the stories of Apollo 11, the first walk on the moon and Apollo 13, the famously aborted mission, but Apollo 8 is just as riveting. Man’s first journey to the moon is one you will love.

  • Photo by Mel Boban
  • Photo by Mel Boban