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Cozy Study: Design Board


Article by Kevin Francis O'Gara

Photography by Kevin Francis O'Gara

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Products for this challenge were sponsored by Milton & King, Mohawk Rugs, and The Home Depot. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Thou Swell running!

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(via Lonny Magazine, design by Tim Labenda)

Last week I introduced the first room in my new apartment that’s getting fully decorated – the study/media room. This space is going to be my casual living space, perfect for curling up to watch a movie or just hang out. With dark brown walls and some of the dramatic decor choices I’m adding it’s going to be a super cozy cocoon! Today I am sharing the design board to give you a first look at the furniture and decor defining this space, and if you head to my Instagram profile today you can catch a glimpse of the paint going up on the walls. See how my design for the room below!

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I’m so thrilled about the Cranes wallpaper, and love bringing the aviary design in this space. It reminds me of Gucci’s Heron wallpaper (as seen in the first image of this post) and I love the idea of bringing green out from the background of the wallpaper into the accents in the room. This Milton & King design is part of their Kingdom Home collection, which features some stunning nature-inspired patterns. It makes the perfect pair with the dark brown walls, which I’m painting Behr’s Dark Truffle in an Eggshell finish. I love a high-gloss finish, but I wanted something more velvety in this space with such a rich dark color.

I would have NEVER guessed I would use a black sectional in a project, but this piece turned out to be the perfect centerpiece for this dark and moody room. All of the furniture and lighting is from The Home Depot, and I love how I was able to incorporate a mix of styles from modern to traditional – it definitely doesn’t look like it’s all from the same place. I’m planning on placing my TV on or above the desk, which can be a workspace when I need one. I am also loving the animal print on the area rug from Mohawk Rugs, which brings lots of warmth to the room and also provides a super durable pattern that will withstand the wrath of my new puppy!

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New Year New Room Challenge: Study Design Board was originally published in Thou Swell

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