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Citrus scallops with mango gastrique and apple slaw.

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Crafting Culinary Artistry at Venice Yacht Club

Executive Chef Bryan Meek Relishes Creating Gourmet Delights for VYC’s Members & for Catered Events

Article by Emily Leinfuss

Photography by Stephanie Snow Photography

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

The Venice Yacht Club’s Executive Chef, Bryan Meek, is passionate about the culinary arts – emphasis on art. As a result, Chef Bryan doesn't just create meals; he orchestrates culinary masterpieces.

The Detroit native earned a BA in Fine Arts from the College of Santa Fe, NM. He then turned his talent for artistic expression to the realm of flavors, honing his culinary skills at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver’s Culinary Arts program.

Having worn the hat of an Executive Chef at establishments like Stonewood Holdings and the Halifax River Yacht Club in Daytona Beach. Chef Bryan's experience is impressive, to say the least. However, his start at VYC was nothing short of an adventure. With the club undergoing a grand kitchen overhaul, Chef Bryan found himself crafting gourmet delights from a makeshift kitchen in the parking lot, using a club conference room for food prep.

Many would've balked at such a challenge, but not Chef Bryan. Instead, he embraced the experience, giving valuable insights into the new kitchen's design. This blend of artistry and adaptability has translated beautifully to VYC's dining and catering menus. 

In a short span, Chef Bryan has greatly enhanced VYC's culinary landscape. A rooftop garden now flourishes, providing a readily available source of herbs that infuse his creations with fresh flavors. His menus feature sublime new items – including the Florida-influenced Citrus Scallops with Mango Gastrique and Apple Slaw – our featured recipe. 

Citrus Scallops with Mango Gastrique and Apple Slaw



2 Mango

2 tablespoon Sugar

1 cup Champagne vinegar


1 Granny smith apple

1 Orange bell pepper

1 Yellow bell pepper

4 oz Shredded carrots

½ Jicama

Citrus dressing


1 Orange

1 Lemon

1 Lime

1 tablespoon Honey

½ cup – 1 cup Extra virgin olive oil


4 Sea Scallops: size U10

2 tbsps. Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



Peel and dice the mangos.  Add mangos, sugar, and vinegar to a small pot.  Reduce on medium heat by half, while stirring. Puree reduction and cool.

Citrus Dressing:

Juice orange, lemon, and lime into a bowl.  Add honey.  While continuously whisking, slowly stream in the oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Apple Slaw:

Julienne the apple, peppers, and jicama.  Combine with the shredded carrots and toss with the citrus dressing.

Scallops and Complete Dish: 

Season the scallops with salt and pepper. Heat up a medium size skillet at medium high heat, then add the oil and wait for it to heat up. Sear scallops 3 -4 minutes on first side. Flip and finish them in 2 to 3 minutes.

Start with a portion of apple slaw on the plate and rest the seared scallops on top. 

Dot the plate with the mango gastrique and serve. 

  • Chef Bryan places perfectly cooked citrus scallops on top of apple slaw.
  • Caribbean jerk grouper server over sweet potato mash, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, pineapple rum glaze.
  • Chef Bryan Meek's three dishes are ready to be served!
  • Citrus scallops with mango gastrique and apple slaw.
  • Grilled ribeye with chimichurri butter.

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