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Williams-Hirsch Custom Home Builders

Article by Sarah Mottu

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Originally published in NBTX City Lifestyle

Turn down any city block in New Braunfels and you will feel the history surrounding you with every home you pass by. These historical homes radiate charm with their detail and craftsmanship, and one local builder has kept the traditions of historical beauty alive while incorporating a modern flair that is undeniable. Williams-Hirsch Custom Home Builders have established themselves as the foremost experts in the art of crafting dream homes. With over two decades of experience, Jim Williams and Greg Hirsch, the dynamic duo behind the company, have built a reputation for creating exceptional custom homes in the New Braunfels area. They happily shared with us a few insights into their journey, philosophy, and commitment to their clients and community.

Jim Williams and Greg Hirsch, co-founders of Williams-Hirsch Custom Home Builders, began their partnership in 2001, which was born out of mutual respect and a shared vision for quality craftsmanship. Jim and Greg emphasized their strong bond, stating, "Twenty-three years later, and we still really like each other, and we have cultivated many valuable business relationships."

Williams-Hirsch sets itself apart in the competitive world of custom home building through its unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. Jim and Greg expressed their dedication to treating clients, subcontractors, and vendors with respect and fairness. They emphasized their belief in being honorable in all aspects of their business and personal lives. As Jim and Greg rightly pointed out, "Our clients are trusting us with one of their greatest investments, and we take that responsibility very seriously."

They also highlighted the importance of building lasting relationships with skilled craftsmen. They understand that the foundation of a quality product lies in having exceptional artisans doing the work. By fostering strong, trustworthy relationships with their trade partners, Williams-Hirsch ensures the homes they build are crafted to perfection.

Williams-Hirsch's approach to understanding clients' lifestyles, tastes, and needs is driven by open and frequent communication. With a small, closely-knit team, each member wears multiple hats, allowing them to work directly with clients. Jim and Greg explained, "Our roles really do overlap, so we are all very involved with our clients." From the initial inquiry to selecting designs and finishes, the team collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life.

One of the most notable aspects of Williams-Hirsch is their ability to build homes in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Jim and Greg attribute this versatility to the needs and preferences of individual clients and the character of the neighborhoods. They shared, "The goal of our company is to offer unique builds, not copies." By staying informed about trends and best practices, Williams-Hirsch remains adaptable and innovative in its approach to home construction.

The journey with Williams-Hirsch begins with a comprehensive understanding of clients' wants and needs. Whether it's helping them find a suitable lot or navigating the intricate details of home design, the team is there every step of the way. Engineers ensure that construction proceeds smoothly, permits and approvals are obtained, and the building process commences. Clients are encouraged to visit the site during construction, fostering a close and friendly relationship with the team.

Williams-Hirsch's commitment extends beyond their clients; they are deeply involved in the New Braunfels community. Each team member actively serves their local church communities and supports local businesses whenever possible. The company is part of an exclusive group of custom builders that collaborates to elevate building standards in the area. Jim and Greg proudly treat their contractors as family and have nurtured lasting relationships with them over the years.

Like any business, Williams-Hirsch has faced its share of economic challenges. However, their commitment to quality and respectful treatment of clients has ensured a steady stream of referrals, which sustains them during slower periods. One of their significant milestones is being in business for twenty-three years, a rarity in the industry. Their dedication to excellence has been recognized through multiple awards, including being voted the Best Home Builder or Best General Contractor of New Braunfels for the past five years.

As Jim and Greg look ahead, they express a desire to expand their influence into full development projects. While they continue to excel at crafting custom homes, the prospect of building entire neighborhoods excites them. Their vision for the future of Williams-Hirsch involves creating communities that showcase their creativity and craftsmanship.

Williams-Hirsch Custom Home Builders is a testament to the enduring power of quality, integrity, and client-focused service. Jim Williams and Greg Hirsch have forged a path of excellence in the world of custom home building, leaving a lasting legacy in New Braunfels, Texas. With their unwavering commitment to their clients and community, the future looks bright for this exceptional company, poised to continue crafting dream homes for years to come.


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