Crafting Genuine Smiles

Dentist dynamic duo make patient relationships a priority at Towne Lake Dentistry

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Janet Buller

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

At Towne Lake Dentistry, crafting great smiles means making patients feel welcome and at ease. That’s the experience Drs. Trey and Lynsey Patterson hope to create at their dental practice. The brother-and-sister dentist duo are the main providers at the family-owned and operated Towne Lake Dentistry. It’s a place Dr. Trey likes to call a “small-town” dentist office in a big city. The two are friendly, youthful, and both proud Aggies. Towne Lake Dentistry offers everything from routine dental checkups to smile makeovers, but Dr. Trey and Dr. Lynsey like to think that their work goes beyond the dental exam.  

“It’s not just about fixing someone’s problem or writing a prescription when they’re sick,” Dr. Trey says. “You’re following somebody for 20 or 30 years. You have a professional and personal relationship. You get to know them.”

With Dr. Trey at the helm, the office opened its doors in March 2020 at the location that was formerly Active Life Dentistry. Dr. Trey practiced with Active Life for seven years before purchasing the business and rebranding as Towne Lake Dentistry last year. Soon after, Dr. Lynsey joined her older brother at the new practice along with their mother who works as the office receptionist. 

Aside from dentistry, the two siblings have much in common from their faith to their alma mater. Both attend Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church. Both graduated from Texas A&M with their bachelor’s degrees. Both are also local. Dr. Trey is a Houston native and Dr. Patterson is a Cy-Ranch High School graduate. The two are just five years apart in age and share a love of people, professional collaboration and a mindset focused on excellence.

“We’re both very meticulous in our treatments,” Dr. Lynsey says. “We’re very hard on ourselves and only expect the best. We want to make sure the patient is happy with the result.” 

When it comes to patient care, the two doctors like to take a conservative approach. Rather than pushing expensive treatment options or the latest dental product, the two focus on getting to the root of each patient’s needs, whether they need an emergency extraction or fixing a chipped tooth.

Dr. Trey and Dr. Lynsey offer a gentle approach to dentistry, especially when it comes to patients who have anxiety about seeing a dentist. Showing true compassion and care is paramount, they say. Talking more in-depth with those patients and understanding the origin of their fear is key. 

“We just talk to them like a friend,” says Dr. Trey. “Is it the noise? Did they have a bad experience? You ask these things so you can get to the root of the problem–no pun intended.”

Once the dentists learn what makes a patient anxious, they’re better able to adapt their approach or offer sedation options to make dental procedures more comfortable for the patient. 

One way to ease the anxiety around dental visits is by booking regular cleanings and exams so dentists can catch any problems before they start. Dr. Trey and Dr. Lyndsey recommend dental cleanings twice a year and suggest for people to book a visit even if they are not experiencing acute tooth pain. Since the pandemic began, Dr. Trey has seen more patients with jaw pain or facial pain as a result of nighttime teeth grinding. If left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to disrupted sleep, inflamed facial muscles and headaches. People experiencing such symptoms may never realize such pain can be tooth-related, which is exactly why Dr. Trey suggests routine dental visits. And helping relieve people’s pain is what keeps Dr. Trey in the business. 

“It makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do,” he says. “You’re able to affect someone’s life in multiple ways.” 

For Dr. Lyndsey, the feeling is similar. She enjoys seeing how her patients transform and smile more when they get the right dental treatment. 

“You can definitely see a confidence boost and see them want to show that off,” she says. “Those are the days that really make my day.”

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