Crafting Timeless Beauty

Journey Through the Creative World of Embroidery, Painting, and Woodworking in New Braunfels Texas

Article by Sarah Mottu

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Originally published in NBTX City Lifestyle

Morgan Goodwin

Painter and Owner of Morgan Goodwin Art

Morgan Goodwin’s artistic journey began in childhood when she discovered her love for oil painting in elementary school. As years passed, her passion for creating art flourished, encompassing various forms of creativity from crafting to redecorating. It wasn't until later in life, after becoming a mother and receiving unwavering support from her husband, that Morgan decided to embrace her artistic calling professionally.

Her artwork harmoniously weaves botanicals, figures, and abstracts, unified by themes of beauty, femininity, and happiness. Each collection emerges from her personal experiences and emotions, making her creations deeply personal and evocative. Morgan’'s vibrant strokes and captivating use of colors breathe life into her masterpieces, leaving an indelible mark on her audience.

Morgan describes her art as her "love language." Every brushstroke is an expression of joy and creativity, a heartfelt gift she aims to share with others. Her work transcends canvas and paint, resonating with viewers and infusing their lives with bliss and inspiration. Morgan Goodwin’s art is a celebration of life and beauty, a testament to her innate talent and unwavering dedication to her creative journey.

Samantha Bower

Embroiderer and owner of Stitchin With Samantha 

In 2019, Samantha Bower rediscovered her childhood love for embroidery, sparking a transformative artistic journey. She sought to modernize the craft she learned from her mom and grandma. Today, her freeform approach to embroidery showcases intricate and colorful designs inspired by nature and aesthetics.

Samantha's mission is to infuse each day with vibrancy and light through her artwork. With bright colors, uplifting words, and fun illustrations, she aims to encourage, uplift, and inspire her audience personally and creatively.

Drawing inspiration from nature, personal experiences, and life events, Samantha's design process involves sketching patterns and adjusting colors and designs while embroidering. Straying from tradition, she incorporates 3D stitches, layered fabric, beads, and embroidery on various unconventional surfaces, pushing the boundaries of the art form.

Her online platform has been crucial to her success, connecting her with a wider audience and providing teaching opportunities and partnerships with major brands like Clover Needlecraft and JOANN Fabric and Crafts. 

With a passion for modernizing her grandmother's craft and embracing innovation, Samantha Bower continues to stitch joy and creativity into the world of embroidery, infusing her work with personal stories and vibrant colors.

Matt Burtch

Craftsman and Owner of Milltown Woodworks

Nestled in New Braunfels, Milltown Woodworks stands as a testament to the shared passion for woodworking within a family team. From residential cabinets to live-edge mesquite tables, their creations bear the mark of true craftsmanship and artistic vision.

This father-son team, Matt Burtch and Lee Graham, with an unwavering passion for woodworking, collaborate to create unique and exquisite pieces. Whether it be residential cabinets or a live-edge mesquite table, they “strive to harness each of their talents, which are reflected in the craftsmanship, quality, design, and exceptional customer service." 

Their work embodies a heartfelt desire to honor their roots and preserve the beauty of local trees. Born and raised in New Braunfels, they understand the significance of heirloom tables, where families share precious moments and create lasting memories. Each creation is infused with an emotional connection, preserving the legacy of heritage while embracing a modern touch.

Balancing technical skill and creativity, Milltown Woodworks achieves both functional and aesthetically appealing furniture. With Lee's expertise as a woodworker for over 50 years and Matt's passion for organic pieces, their designs showcase the natural beauty of local wood.

Founded on the love for wood, craftsmanship, and hard work, Milltown Woodworks champions the value of locally made products. Their dedication to reviving the art of quality materials and craftsmanship shines through each piece, leaving a timeless mark on the world of woodworking.


“We strive to harness each of our talents, which are reflected in the craftsmanship, quality, design, and exceptional customer service." 


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