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Craftsmanship And Commitment

One-Stop Remodel Showroom And Professionals Who Provide Customized Project Management Throughout Renovations

Client care thoroughly guides a local business that's served the area for nearly 40 years. With seven remodeling crews at work at clients' residences at any given time, the owner of West Chester-based Giuseppe Kitchen and Bath still gets on-site to every project each day to check progress. 

"We handle all aspects of kitchen or bath remodeling, including measurements, materials, electrical work, plumbing and tiling," assures Giuseppe Mingrino, who's been perfecting his carpentry skills since he was 12 years old. 

At an expansive West Chester showroom, the Giuseppe team can assist with selections of cabinetry, floorings, vanities, backsplashes, countertops, knobs or pulls. "There's no charge for our designers, and we're happy to help with inspirational ideas and color palettes," says Ann Baker, client services coordinator. "We can assist with projects from scratch to finish with our talented team who has a good eye for creative flair."

The showroom includes materials from about 25 manufacturers, both domestic and international. The designers indicate they handle the full gamut of styles, including traditional, modern, rustic, European, contemporary, Italian-themed and minimalistic. Countertops can be in granite, marble or quartz. Tiles and flooring come in ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite options. 

"We appreciate appointments for showroom visits, so we can set-aside enough time for guidance and answering questions, but walks-ins are welcome," Ann says. 

She adds that they also can direct clients to light fixture sources, if desired.

As a teenager, Giuseppe worked weekends for his uncle, who was a builder in Sicily. After relocating to America in 1964, Giuseppe settled in South Philadelphia. In college, he says he did carpentry work for friends and neighbors. "By word-of-mouth, more people learned what I could do, and I ended up doing some sort of project for practically every professor I had," he fondly recalls. 

Referrals are still the predominant way his company receives about 85 percent of job requests, he says, adding they also get "high marks" through online ratings and feedback. 

Some know of his family from Limoncello Ristorante and Catering, which his family has owned since 2006 to provide traditional and authentic Italian cuisine, along with specialty and customized dishes. He says his family enjoyed the West Chester area so much, they personally moved into Chester County about 15 years ago. 

Giuseppe says on average, his crews can complete jobs from deposit to finish rooms within eight to 10 weeks -- with some timelines more dependent on the supply of certain materials. "But we do work six of the seven days each week." 

He says consistency in his work team has been key to their success. "We're all dedicated to quality, solid workmanship and to each other. There's a lot of mutual loyalty among us, and longevity of the same team over the past 25 years. We're devoted to honesty and professionalism."

Showroom:  129 E. Gay St.

  • Courtesy of Giuseppe Kitchen and Bath
  • Courtesy of Giuseppe Kitchen and Bath
  • Courtesy of Giuseppe Kitchen and Bath