Crawl, Slither and Scamper

PetCare Animal Hospital Cares for Creatures of a Different Kind

Whether fido or feline (with the occasional fish, turtle or gecko in the mix), many trust PetCare Animal Hospital for their pets’ medical care and veterinary support. But what about patients of a different breed? They’ve got that covered, too—from exotic animals and birds of prey to those from farms, rescues and nonprofits, this local practice has every feather, fin and claw covered. Take a look at some of the lucky patients Drs. Hill and Zola have treated on their table.   

Red-tailed Boa
This South American constrictor had some, well, constrictions of his own—he presented with a respiratory problem, which is a common issue for snakes and among the most typical reasons for a visit to a vet. After taking a culture, the boa was prescribed a round of antibiotics in order to help restore him to good health. Full grown, this big boy could measure up to 10-feet long.

Veiled Chameleon
It’s true chameleons can change color to blend into their environment, but for this green guy, it’s not as dramatic as you might imagine—he mostly darkens to brown and back, which makes this Middle Eastern species a popular choice when it comes to pet chameleons. This likable lizard had an abscess in one of his eyes, which the docs removed. And now? Looking good.

White-throated Monitor
Summer is this guy’s favorite season—as a diurnal creature, he’s been most active during the days over these last few months (no lazy lizards here). Native to Southern Africa, white-throated monitors are usually gray-brown with yellow or white markings (a nod to their name), and can grow to be 6 feet in length. Thankfully for this patient, he was just in for a routine checkup. 

Known for being extremely social and super soft, this sweet-looking creature actually made his home at PetCare for a time—Dudu was once an unofficial member of the Animal Hospital family who could often be found touring the practice from the safety of his exercise ball (chinchillas need lots of physical activity). Don’t be fooled by his somewhat diminutive size, this guy has ups—capable of jumping up to 6 feet high.

Second only to the ostrich as the largest bird in the world, emus cannot fly—but boy, can they run. Those three-toed feet help these Australian natives run like the wind, easily reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour. This particular patient came in with an angular limb deformity, an abnormal bend or twist that affects normal bone and joint alignment.  

Sugar Glider
Despite his mousy ears and fluffy tail, this furry fellow is actually a member of the marsupial family—he’s a possum to be exact, one that’s arboreal (meaning they live in trees). But what really sets this Australian creature apart from his nocturnal brethren is his ability to sail through the air—launching from a tree, spreading his limbs, he can glide up to 150 feet ... making it easy for him to travel from tree to tree to savor sap and nectar (hence the name). Also in just for a checkup. | 10555 Loveland Madeira Rd | 513.677.2930 

8610 Blue Ash Rd | 513.793.3032

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