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Carefully planning of the entire outdoor living area is what sets Aquascapes Pools apart.

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Create a Pool Paradise

A Well-Planned, Well-Placed Pool Can Make All the Difference

Designing a pool for the backyard goes way beyond digging a hole in the ground and filling it up with water. 

Like designing a home, careful planning and placement are integral in creating an outdoor space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but adds value as well. Antonio Ataricio, the owner of Aquascape Pools, says he spends as much time as possible with a client to discover what their dream pool space will look like.

"A well-designed, well-placed pool can definitely increase the value of a home. If you just throw a pool out in the yard with no design or thought, it can actually drive down the value," he said.

Atarcio should know. He's been designing outdoor spaces since 1995, transitioning into elaborate, natural water-feature pools since 200.

"Aquascape Pools was born out of a landscaping business I had in 1995. We did landscaping and water features like koi ponds, creeks, waterfalls, fountains, you name it," he said. "If it had water, we did it. We specialized in a lot of outdoor living areas with a focus on water features."

The only water feature Atarcio didn't do was pools, until a client convinced him to try.

"I will never forget that conversation," he said. "I said, 'I don't do pools.' But the client wanted the same natural approach for a pool that we did for landscaping. In 2000, pools didn't have a lot of natural features."

Atarcio agreed to design and build the pool, and he said he was thrilled with the finished product. So was the client, who then started referring him to other homeowners.

"In 2001, Aquascapes was born," Atarcio said. "We did the landscaping side too, but from 2001 to 2004, the pools were really taking off. That led us to make a decision to focus on pools."

But the love of natural design remains. Although Aquascapes shines when creating swimming pools that blend into the natural surroundings and incorporate natural elements, the company also designs and installs modern, sleek pools as well.

"It's about what the customer wants. The very first thing I do is spend time talking with the client to find out what their tastes are, how they plan to use the space. We like natural pools that are soft and blend with nature. Sometimes a client wants a more modern look. When it comes down to it, my philosophy is to create a natural setting that reflects our client's wants."

To bring your backyard dreams to life, Aquascapes' Design Center can transform your ideas into reality. On-site pool displays comprise the Outdoor Showroom to provide a little nudge of inspiration. The Retail Store carries a complete selection of maintenance necessities for a pool year-round, including Aquascapes' line of ProTeam pool chemicals, which makes caring for your pool refreshingly simple. For more information, visit



"Modern pools are making a big comeback. Modern is coming back with home building, construction and design. It's hot everywhere right now.


Smaller pools are in big demand as lots become smaller and smaller. A smaller yard means a smaller outdoor living area that still displays a beautiful pool that fits naturally in a more confined space.


Fire and water may be opposites, but combining both elements into a pool setting is a burning trend right now. Fire features like fire bowls, fireplaces or fire pits are becoming popular with pool design this season.


A pool and outdoor living area is an extension of a home. Ataricio said homeowners should consider how the entire space will be used. Will they be entertaining in the space? Cooking? How will the kids play? 

"You need to take it farther than just the pool and think about where the kitchen will be, where the entertaining will be, where you'll be sunbathing," he said. "The client needs to think through the entire space to see how it will be used, where the furniture needs to be, how the design works with their lifestyle."


When Aquascapes designs a pool for an existing home, he recommends that clients look out the window to visualize what the pool will look like from the home.

"A pool may only be used for a couple of months out of the year. After that, it can be covered up or unused. That doesn't mean it can't be pleasing to look at all year round," he said. "What will the space look like in winter if you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner and looking out the window at it. It should be aesthetically pleasing all year round."

  • Carefully planning of the entire outdoor living area is what sets Aquascapes Pools apart.
  • Sleek, modern lines are making a big comeback.
  • Natural elements can make a pool flow seamlessly into nature.

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