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"It's all about work life balance: enjoying where you work and feeling supported"

I had to master balancing school and a growing family of 3 daughters to survive, graduate at the top of my class and get into an orthodontic residency program. It was a team effort to make it through and my amazing husband definitely shared the load. For 6 years we were able to keep up this pace, but we both knew it wasn’t sustainable.  

So, when I started my practice 10 years ago the goal was to build a schedule that would allow me to have a career and be a mom. I saw patients Tuesday through Thursday. Administrative responsibilities were handled on Monday and Friday, when the girls were in school. 

I've kept the Tuesday through Thursday schedule and have been able to build a thriving practice. And instead of adding to my workload, I brought on an associate doctor and added Mondays to our schedule.

I didn’t set out to have an all-woman team. With the age range of 19 to 73, we all bring many life experiences to the table. We support each other through life’s celebrations and challenges. “I think a fundamental part of work-life balance is enjoying where you work and who you work with. It’s been one of my top priorities to create an environment that's a fun place to be, where women feel supported and cared for, and where team members enjoy coming to work each day”, said Dr. Mullally.

Our culture allows people to take the time that's needed. We count on each other as a small team, maintaining a work-life balance culture. We are cross-training team members so we have the ability to jump in and cover each other as needed without increasing the stress. According to the staff, "Dr. Mullally and Dr. Olsen and team are a woman powerhouse."  

I have one-on-one check ins with each employee. We participate in periodic team building events to foster communication, improve leadership skills, promote understanding of different personalities and behaviors, and strengthen relationships between team members. This also includes periodic social outings including kayaking, zip lining, margarita night, and volunteer work.

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