Creating An Extension of the Home

Blue Waters Construction is an independent and locally-owned luxury pool design company located in Pineville, NC. They specialize in the formation and completion of opulent pool designs that are expertly installed and feature state-of-the-art elements. 

Owner, Kevin Campbell, and his team are constantly pushing the edge of what others may consider "too big," "too outrageous" and overall too difficult of a project to take on. Whether it's an in-ground pool with kid-friendly water features for an upscale family home or a lavish infinity pool for a modern new build, Kevin and his team don't just install and call it a day, they take the time to meticulously design each pool so that it meets the client's needs. 

Sometimes Kevin and his team design and install a luxury poolscape so that it fits seamlessly into the client's existing outdoor space, while other times they invent an entirely new outdoor living area. Regardless of how major or minor the project may be, they are all completed with the utmost level of professionalism, integrity and care.

"Part of what makes us successful is our approach. We give each project the same amount of consideration that we would for one on our own home," says Kevin. "Our goal to provide each client with an outdoor space that's essentially an extension of their home – something they love looking at every day and can enjoy with friends and family." 

Kevin explains that part of making an outdoor space an extension of the home can mean incorporating additions such as an outdoor kitchen, landscaping, pergolas, a deck and more – all of which are design elements that Blue Waters is well-versed in completing in addition to the pool design and installation. As such, Blue Waters offers the full package. No stone is left unturned, no detail is left untouched and no element is left unfinished. 

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