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City Lifestyle talked with Jessica Wilkerson, lead designer and operations manager for one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Tennessee, OP Jenkins Furniture & Design. Their team has been helping clients create lovely interiors since 1907. Their flagship store is located in Knoxville and their Franklin boutique opened at 1556 West McEwen (by Whole Foods) in 2016.

Jessica, a Tennessee native who is married with two young boys and two Golden Retrievers, travels back and forth helping the teams in both stores find furnishings and accessories their customers will love. “We were excited to bring our no-nonsense design approach and our large library of vendors to Middle Tennessee,” she says. “We adore Franklin and the people in it!”

Jessica offers the following ideas about making homes reflections of personal personalities, as well as functional for families and guests. 

People often need to change up their interiors as they go through various stages of life. How can OP Jenkins help new homeowners just starting out who don't have a big budget?

“We work on all types of projects with all types of budgets. We do focus on quality, long-term pieces and are happy to create an 'order of importance' to ensure they're investing their budget in the right pieces.” 

How about homeowners who have lived in their houses for years and want to bring their décor up to date? 

“This is one of my favorite things to do. When updating a home, I believe lighting is one of the biggest changes you can make to accomplish that. Our designers put together new lighting plans and then we follow with furnishings and décor.” 

What can you do for clients moving into new construction? 

“We can start planning your interiors as soon as you have a floor plan! We often come in and select all initial lighting, find the perfect spots to pop fun wallpaper, and create a beautifully furnished space from the ground up.” 

And empty nesters moving from a family home and starting a new chapter? 

“Home transitions are a huge need that we work with often. The key is determining what we can bring to the new home and focusing on what is usually a change of scale from the family home to the empty nest. Our Franklin design manager, Patricia Robbins, just did this for a wonderful couple who moved from their Franklin house to a downtown condo. We were able to incorporate several pieces from their home and give them an entirely new look by adding elements that changed up the style and feel.” 

Can you help a client refresh just one room at a time?

“We work with clients on all sizes of projects. We can furnish an entire home or one room. What makes us special is our ability to be a one-stop- shop for everyone. We can help as much or as little as you need and our team loves working on all different sizes and styles of jobs.”

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