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Real Interior Design with Priscilla G Design

Article by Emily Leinfuss

Photography by Kathlyn Tancrede & Priscilla Gonzalez

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

Priscilla Gonzalez has always loved interior design and architecture. “I knew I was going to be a professional interior designer from an early age,” she says.  

Her first step was getting the best education and experience possible. “I earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from Miami’s Florida International University and went on to work in the industry for over 10 years, designing both residential and commercial spaces,” says Priscilla. 

Her next move was opening her own design firm, Priscilla G Design. In her latest move, she’s offering her fresh and exciting interior design expertise to the Venice community – and the services provided by the firm go way beyond what she calls “interior decorating.”

“People watch shows on HGTV and then think ‘someone can come in for one week and renovate an entire house to what’s in style. Good design takes time, and construction takes even longer!” That’s because interior design goes beyond selecting furniture and finishes. “We capture a client’s vision and then design the space for life or work to happen.” 

A good interior designer also listens closely to clients. “I don’t impost a style. My job is to listen to the client to understand what they want in terms of style, and how they want to live their lives. Then I can design the space for them to live their best life.” 

Residential vs. Commercial Design

Designing for residential spaces is different than for commercial spaces, and Priscilla is well versed in both. “Designing for someone’s home is very personal,” she says. “Whether it is for a family or an individual, my mission is to improve their livability of the space. That means analyzing and interpreting what they want and how they want to experience all the spaces within their home.”

In commercial design, “I study how the public is going to utilize the space to create the best space for the intended use. 

When it comes to new construction or redesign of existing spaces, Priscilla explains that, as an interior designer, she works hand in hand with architects and builders to space plan the interiors and select finishes. “I can design the space of each room in a house so that it is not just aesthetically appealing, but also comfortable and functional.” 

Priscilla also has a great passion for historic preservation. “Venice and the surrounding cities have so much history. We have beautiful buildings that tell a story, and preserving that history is very important to me.” 

Priscilla G Design


Interior Design Tips from Priscilla G Design

1. Trends come and go

Don’t feel obligated to follow trends. It’s your space, home, room, or workplace – design it for what you want and for how you function within it. 

2. Lighting is important and impactful

There are different shades of light. Some light is cool, some are warm. Choosing the right color temperature for your lighting can make or break a space. Today, “smart” light bulbs that can change colors and color temperatures will let you see how a room is going to look with different kinds of light. 

3. Good design takes time

Well-thought-out interior design decisions don’t happen in a week. Make sure to take your time selecting finishes and furniture pieces that are truly special to you, even if it takes a long time for the product to arrive. You are investing in your space, make sure it’s exactly what you want!

4. Accessories complete the space

Those finishing touches will bring the space together.  Make sure to include great conversation pieces like a painting you picked up from a local (Venice!) artist or a unique purchase from your travels.

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