Creating Travel Memories with Mom

Enhancing an Already Special Bond

Article by Lynette Standley

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Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Say the word “travel” and some people will pack a bag before hearing the when and where. For many of us there is unmitigated excitement in booking a trip or immersing in a new culture. The memories created through travel experiences are priceless.

Sharing that with someone dear, like mothers and daughters traveling together, enhances an already special bond. “I love traveling with my daughter. She takes good care of me, we have similar interests, and we enjoy that time together,” says Wisconsinite MaryAnn Steinberg.

Daughter Joy Steinberg of North Carolina particularly enjoyed traveling to Tuscany, Italy, with MaryAnn in 2016. “They are all about family there and they seemed to light up when they knew we were mom and daughter traveling together,” Joy says. “They loved Mom. Everyone wanted to adopt her into their families,” she laughed.

Sharing special experiences, from history and monuments to a quiet afternoon of cheese and wine by the pool, are invaluable says Joy. “Sometimes it’s the little things that create such contentment.”

Mom and daughter Terry and Nikki Hyer of Boise have traveled together many times. “Traveling with my mom means I have my best friend with me.  I have a companion from the time we fly away to the time we fly home,” Nikki says. Terry feels the same way, “When I travel with Nikki I don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Beth Andrews of Hailey has similar sentiments about traveling with her mom Linda of Mountain Home, adding, “It is amazing getting to share all these new experiences with my mom.  She is my favorite travel partner and I love creating all these special memories with her.”

Whether we’re driven to meet new people, learn phrases in a new language or dive into local history, travel provides a break from the norm and can nourish our souls. It started early for me with car-camping trips around the western United States. I am grateful to my parents for taking us on memorable excursions to spectacular national parks, and ultimately passing down their wanderlust.

I cherish those memories from childhood and have added many more over the years: traveling with my own kids, traveling with friends, and eventually traveling with hundreds of amazing people through my boutique tour business.

Amy Evans of Boise traveled with her mom, Toni Smith, to northern Italy in 2019, admitting she loves the anticipation of exploring new places and making memories to cherish for a lifetime.

“Sharing the experience with my mom just makes it more special.  It bonds us in a way that is unique and memorable.  I know not all mothers and daughters get to have experiences like ours.  It is something I can hold onto for the rest of my life,” Amy says.

“Our trip to Italy is by far the most memorable trip I’ve shared with my mom,” Amy adds. “Staying at an estate in the middle of a vineyard was delightful.  The entire place was like a dream. We are so lucky to be able to travel together.” 

Last October I had a chance to travel with my mom again when she joined me on my Walla Walla wine tour. We’ve learned from the past year that there are no guarantees in life and things can change quickly. We’re collectively grateful for the trips we’ve taken in the past, and, as Terry says, “I hope travel resumes soon so we can take more trips to explore the world.”

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