Creative Ancient Greece Lessons for Kids


Article by Hayley Hyer

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The cool thing about traveling virtually is that you can time travel too! If you want your kids to keep learning and exercising their minds this summer, try picking some different countries to do interactive history lessons on. The internet is full of educational games that kids will love, and you can also take it off of the computer and do some active games in the backyard.

Why not start with ancient Greece? There's so much to learn and experience there. Maybe you even put together your own Greek Olympics for your kids with obstacle courses and relay races!

Here are some great resources to get you started.

Awesome Greek Mythology Party Games

These suggested activities from Party Games Plus include Medusa Tag, Achilles' Heel, T.P. Togas (maybe skip that one and conserve your toilet paper for now!), Pin the Eye on the Cyclops, Apollo's Karaoke Contest, Demeter's Terrariums, Icarus Don't Get Too Close to the Sun, Escape the Minotaur, Riddle of the Sphinx, Orion and Artemis Archery Challenge, and so much more!

Grid Club Ancient Greece

Recommended for ages 7-11

"Topics include: Olympic Games, ancient Greek language, gods and myths, soldiers and warfare, Athens and Sparta, Alexander the Great, childhood and education." —Grid Club

The Greek Alphabet + Language

The Children's University of Manchester has several educational games about ancient Greece on their site, and this one gives kids the opportunity to learn the Greek alphabet and practice spelling words using those letters. It also teaches them pronunciation that they can practice with you!

Greek God Personality Quiz

National Geographic Kids made this fun quiz for kids to find out which Greek go they are most similar to.

"Are you fierce and focused, or dreamy and dramatic? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Take this just-for-fun personality quiz to find out which ancient Greek god or goddess you’re most like!"

Adventures in Ancient Greece

This interactive game by Mystery Productions walks kids through the history of ancient Greece with quizzes all along the way. There is even a scroll on the side of the screen that they can click on at any time to take notes!

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