Mastering Senior Life

How to Find the Best Senior Living to Allow Your Loved One to Prosper

Finding the right housing for a senior to age gracefully in is one of the most difficult decisions a family can face.

There are so many options—assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, care homes—that it is hard to determine where to start the search, much less what the best option is.

That’s where Eric Moore, the owner of Assisted Living Locators, comes in. 

A senior care and living advisor serving North Central New Jersey, Moore specializes in cutting through the red tape, providing swift solutions. 

Senior care is such a daunting subject—one that nobody really wants to talk about, much less deal with. It’s so overwhelming. What do you do to ease the stress?

Senior placement is a very personalized service, and my role is that of an advocate and resource person. I set up an in-person meeting with the senior and the senior’s family, at the home, rehab center or hospital. I want to understand the big picture, so we discuss everything from their current situation, their care needs and community resources to what’s financially doable. I also can help them make connections with lawyers and other professionals they may need.

What’s the next step?

I come up with a list of options that meet their goals and financial situation and generally recommend two to three good communities and/or home-based care choices. I go with them on tours of the communities. In many ways, my role is similar to that of a real estate agent: I show them the properties so they can get a feel for the culture and amenities of each. And if they don’t have any family members to help, I can guide them through the entire process.

This makes me feel relieved already, but it sounds like it could be expensive, especially for those with limited resources.

All of my work is done at no cost to the family. I’m paid a referral fee by the senior living centers and partners I work with. Right now, I have more than 50 partners.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when they are trying to help relocate a senior?

Many times, people wait until the last minute, when there’s a crisis and someone’s in the hospital. So they are forced to make a decision quickly, which only adds to the stress of the situation. It’s good to meet with someone like me when you’re not in crisis mode so you can look at your options down the road.

Why have I never heard of this type of service before?

You’re not alone. Most people don’t know that the kind of work Assisted Living Locators does and the type of role I have exist. Senior placement is a relatively young industry. Assisted Living Locators wasn’t founded until 20 years ago. We have franchises all over the country, but the concept is much more prevalent in major retirement areas such as Arizona and Florida.

What’s the greatest misconception or fear that people have about senior living options?

Many people have this idea of the really depressing clinical nursing home scenario of many years ago, and they think, “Someone’s putting me in a home.” Nowadays, the communities are geared to providing a good way of life, spiritually and medically.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to figure all this out?

It’s a good idea to talk to me or someone like me, whether it’s about your needs today or something for two years from now. As for myself, I wish I had known about such resources when I was going through these issues with the seniors in my life.

Learn more at AssistedLivingLocators.com/Care-Advisor/Morristown.

I wish I had known about such resources when I was going through these issues with the seniors in my life.

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