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Closet Factory Takes a Collaborative Approach to Designing Customized Closets and More

With the arrival of spring, now is an ideal opportunity to turn your attention to organizing your home or giving that empty room a fresh new purpose. Closet Factory can help bring your design vision to fruition. Owners Bob and Kathy Pietrick have led the Cleveland franchise of Closet Factory since 1998, and currently oversee a team of 25 employees. Their “all-employee team” includes eight designers with an average tenure of eleven years, and six installation crews that are on the road daily.

Closet Factory’s success is a direct result of the collaborative approach they take toward design. It begins with the initial complimentary consultation and carries through to manufacturing, installation and follow-up. Cindy Coulter, sales manager and senior designer, brings a wealth of experience and skills to the table, with more than 30 years of corporate design experience — the last 15 with Closet Factory. Her ability to balance both creativity and analytical thinking makes her a valuable resource for the Closet Factory team, ensuring clients receive “white glove treatment” from start to finish.

According to Cindy, the design consultation begins the moment she enters a client's home: "The first thing I do is drop my bag at the door and head straight to the room of focus," she says. "This gets the creative juices flowing and helps me tailor my consultation to the client's unique needs. I start by taking note of each rooms' layout as well as asking my client lots of questions to determine their vision for the final result. Later we will discuss the many options for material, color, hardware and accessories."

One type of client that Closet Factory sees is empty nesters. They often need a spare bedroom for occasional family visits that doubles as a home office for year-round use. Closet Factory can design a flex space that seamlessly incorporates both.

Some of Closet Factory's other projects involve helping clients who are downsizing to a smaller home or retirement community. "The challenge is to create a design they will love while accommodating all of their items in a smaller, downsized space," Cindy says. "It's a delicate balance between finding a way to make the most of the limited space while also ensuring that the client's favorite possessions are still on display." 

Cindy and her team have a lot of experience in these types of projects and they are able to provide creative solutions that are both practical and beautiful. A recent installation involved the complete redesign of a 1,000-square-foot art room/art therapy facility in an upscale retirement community in downtown Cleveland. "This is what I love about my job, every project has its own unique story," Cindy says.

Closet Factory Cleveland offers a variety of design options to suit your personal style, space and budget. Beyond custom closets, they also specialize in creating functional and stylish home offices, craft rooms, pantries, entertainment centers, garages, laundry rooms, mudrooms and everything in between.

Clients are encouraged to visit Closet Factory's showroom in Parma. The 10,000-square-foot facility houses a showroom where clients can see a variety of units in-person, as well as the production facility where each project is meticulously manufactured to its unique specifications.

Whether you're looking to organize your closet or transform a space for a new purpose, Cindy’s team will work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs and exceed your expectations. The possibilities for a client are endless, and Cindy's mantra is: “If I can draw it, we can build it.”

Reach out to Closet Factory at 800.838.7995 for a complimentary design consultation. Or visit their showroom at 5305 Commerce Parkway West in Parma, Ohio. Also, learn more at ClosetFactory.com.

"...Every project has its own unique story." - Cindy Coulter

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