Creating Beyond the Physical Eye

Functional and Beautiful Spaces for Kids, Pets and Family

Since its creation as a paint company 22 years ago, Creative Elements by Lucie has grown into a well-known home remodeling company. They create beautiful kitchens, functional bathrooms, unique bunk rooms, and even feeding stations and dog crates for your furry friends. 

“I saw the need for a professional, yet friendly remodeling company that developed relationships with its clients, versus just getting through the scope of work,” Lucie said. “I have the privilege to work alongside wonderful designers, project managers and of course our amazing bookkeeper that keeps us on track!”

Creative Elements continues to maintain a family atmosphere within the company even as they have grown and expanded their services to pets. 

“I think that’s only a natural step these days,” Lucie said. “It’s hard to find a family without pets. They are such an integral part of the family that we almost always end up building some sort of an accommodation for them.”

Pet feeding stations are customizable depending on the space available and size of the pet. They are usually built into the cabinetry to keep a cleaner space.

“We can also plumb them with a pot filler faucet right above for easy water access, so clients don’t have to fill a bowl at the kitchen sink and then spill it all the way over to the feeding station,” Lucie said. “They are also typically done in matching countertop material, which makes for easy maintenance.”

The other dog amenity the company builds, dog crates, serve as dog homes while the owners are gone or have company.

“These can be built into a cabinet with a countertop on top that serves as a drop zone,” Lucie said. “We can install outlets above that countertop with USB chargers, and clients can leave their phones charging there, or use it simply a place to leave a dog leash, etc. We also do built in pullouts for the heavy pet food and accessories.”

In addition to providing spaces for pets, Creative Elements also builds bunk rooms for people of all ages. 

“A lot of clients that have grown children and are now having grandchildren are requesting them,” Lucie said. “They are stylish, roomy, and grown up! They serve as wonderful sleeping quarters when the family comes to town.”

While it depends on the size of the space, these unique sleepover rooms can accommodate a queen size bed on the bottom and a twin at the top so the entire family can stay together. 

“We do try to have enough room to put some fun seating in the room and a TV, so that on large family get togethers some of the kids or adults can sit, relax, chat, or play games and watch TV, separately from what may be going on downstairs,” Lucie said. “They are literally like a bougie ‘hotel room or apartment,’ along with mom’s great cooking!”

Creative Elements prides itself on delivering customers a custom, seamless, and pain-free renovation experience. This includes providing their clients with a detailed schedule that they follow as close as possible.

“Our group has a lot of expertise, and a lot of remodels behind us,” Lucie said. “We have design meetings, turn over meetings, we guide our clients through the selection process to make it more organized and less overwhelming than it may seem. Nothing better than a client who loves their new space. We are transforming their home, and making their dreams come true. We take pride in our work. Knowing that the client loves their newly renovated space warms my heart!”


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