Steak Season

Grilling Tips From Crimson Creek Smokehouse Pitmaster Marcus McNac

1 — Select your preferred cut of beef; it doesn't have to be a hand-cut 3lb tomahawk. A thick-cut ribeye, T-bone, porterhouse, NY strip or bacon-wrapped filet mignon all work well on the grill and smoker.

2 — Season your meat with our Crimson Creek Steak Shaker, or whatever grill seasoning you prefer. I recommend something with a good amount of salt, black pepper and garlic. When it’s fully seasoned, keep going, and make sure you season all sides of the meat.

3 — If you choose to smoke your steak for a few hours — or if just want to quick fire it — either way, make sure the last thing you do is sear it off over extremely hot flames to get that good outer crust and seal in those juices. 

4 — We finish our tomahawks off with a bath in duck fat, but regular salted butter works just as well. While your steak is resting, add a pat of butter on top to melt into the meat, or serve with some drawn butter on the side for dunking. 

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