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Kitchen designer Jeanne DeMata-Pothos creates a calm place to cook

Article by Genevieve Garruppo

Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

Originally published in Patchogue Lifestyle

Pinterest has created a library of home renovation photos available at our fingertips; whether you’re mood-boarding for your own home renovation or creating a vision board for your future dream house. We’ve all sat on our sofa on a rainy Saturday afternoon and binged-watched Chip and Joanna Gaines knock down walls giving every American permission to use the words “open format”. Before we know it, every kitchen will have a subway tile backsplash and floors with tiles that look like wood but are actually ceramic (you can wipe them down!). But in certain circumstances- either dealing with plumbing or paint color- it’s best to put your decor needs in the hands of professionals. Enter- Jeanne DeMata-Pothos, owner of Deering Wood Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. She, along with interior designer Nora Milheron, created a serene kitchen for their seaside client. “They wanted clean and modern with a hint of beachiness. Casual elegance” said Nora as we toured the space. But the layout of the kitchen wasn’t always the vision of the client. “That’s why you hire a designer” added Jeanne. “You know when you’re shopping with a best friend and you ask ‘Does this look good’? That’s a good designer. They push you out of your comfort zone.” 

Jeanne has done countless custom kitchens in her tenure as a designer, and continues to work with several interior designers to create kitchens and bathrooms that are either stock, semi-custom or fully custom. Although the space feels approachable with mostly gray and white shades, the daring feat lies in configuration of the kitchen. This project is in a condominium where most kitchens in other units are similar. They wanted to push the envelope and made the space stand out over the rest. In this case, they did indeed knock down some walls and make the kitchen flow right into the living space. An expected approach to a kitchen generally has a corner cabinet and bar/peninsula but the two designers convinced the client to break it up. They left a space in between the west side wall of cabinets and the back. Nestled in that space is a pull-out compartment perfect for small appliances and large tupperware. The rest of the kitchen is chock full of brilliant storage options. The beauty of having semi or fully custom cabinetry is the ability to look at everything- plates, glasses, or utensils and create the storage to fit each item perfectly. Inside one of the large draws hides the everyday plates separated by a peg system that can move to secure the plates no matter the size. Jeanne advised on the finish and style of cabinets and island, where Nora helped pick out the seating and lighting. The island stools add a hint of texture (and they’re comfortable!) and if you peek around the corner of the island, you’ll find a hidden treasure- a smaller bar stool finished in the same fabric as the others. It’s a clever touch to a very polished kitchen. 

Deering Wood Kitchen & Bath Design Studio 866 Montauk Hwy Bayport,  631-538-0930

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