Crown College: Inspired by Faith

Taking the journey of education further

A small campus tucked away on 215 acres of land in the quiet corners of Saint Bonifacius is not just a college, it’s an experience and home for many. A place where students gain more than a degree, they discover how to use the talents, skills, and passions that God has equipped them with in order to impact the world.

Welcome to Crown College. An accredited Christian college and an affiliate of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Here you will find a Christian community that emphasizes spiritual transformation, academic excellence, and global engagement. Make yourself at home and explore what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Graduating from high school is a pinnacle in every student’s journey. For some, it marks an end to formal education. For others, it marks a new beginning. When a student decides to pursue a college degree, the pilgrimage starts to pivot towards an investment and an interest. The education is no longer an assignment based on where your family lives but rather on where you want to learn. There is a whole new generation that recognizes the deep investment in time, money, and resources that it takes to earn an undergraduate degree. These young people are defining success differently than the previous ones. They have a deeper desire for experiences and connections. Crown College is here to offer both.

While hard work is valuable and still the primary principle in success, Crown College is a place that is putting more emphasis on the purpose behind the hard work. It’s a Christian school that allows students to develop their holistic self by identifying their skills, talents, gifts, and interests and then transforming them through hard work, dedication, and connection all while acknowledging the reason behind the efforts in the first place. Jesus is that reason. And His scripture teachings are the way.

Success at Crown College comes in light of God’s will on this earth and the reverence to serve Him. The royal passion is for its students to infuse their skills with their faith and formulate a worldview that mobilizes a Christ-centered mindset through every decision, practice, and performance. Bringing this application to a liberal arts education is exactly how Crown College prepares its students to thrive in future professions, including business, pre-law, leadership, education, communications, nursing, and other science-based

careers. No matter what a student at Crown chooses to study, the connection that comes from the Christian community and culture is the deepest value of them all.    

Boldly Christian

While many schools have Christian roots, Crown College has built its curriculum and campus on the foundation that Jesus is first and foremost No matter what field of study a student is pursuing, the focus remains the same. Their people, their place, their purpose. It is all driven by a command to serve God. All the faculty and the staff align with Crown’s mission, vision, and values. It’s a community that’s commanded in faith and is the sole basis of their instruction. Whether a student is attending chapel, meeting with a professor or mentor, or sitting in class, faith will be integrated. He is the cornerstone upon which Crown was built.

The integration of faith and one’s future is tight. Whether it’s participating in campus extracurriculars, socializing with friends and peers, or the school’s Division III athletics, each student is encouraged and challenged to live for Jesus in all aspects of life. Yes, it might be bold. But it is a passionate way of life, leading by example, and loving one another.  

Academic Excellence

While many of us walked away from our own college experience with much more than an education, it is undeniable that the primary purpose for higher learning is the pursuit of academic excellence. College is a place to achieve advanced learning and secure greater knowledge in an area of interest or distinction. Crown College values its academia and emphasizes the professional guidance and mentorship that is provided to its students from the first day they step foot on campus. Crown has always been a place that propels personal and spiritual growth while gaining the knowledge that will help each student uncover where God wants them to go and how to get there.

Academic advisors, a highly engaged career center, and an intentional and organized mentorship program are all supportive resources and ways in which the campus equips students with support, guidance, leadership, and even just a friendly face as they explore truth, faith, science, and culture while working towards obtaining their degree.

We have outstanding faculty and staff committed to integrating learning and faith in an environment that empowers and equips students to excel in their calling in any field. -Dr. Andrew Denton, President

Lifelong Authentic Community

Crown values the creation of an authentic community. They strive to provide the kind of atmosphere that is not only physically safe but also offers the kind of space where students feel emotionally and spiritually secure. They are certain that the thing most students say sets their campus and their college apart is their community. It is filled with staff and students alike who crave a deeper sense of self and a collaborative commitment to serving Christ.

The base of this community-oriented campus lies in the connections built with one another. The Crown experience means meeting students where they are as they discover their unique gifts and talents. This reveal might look like chatting over coffee on campus, meeting 1:1 with a professor, or even group gatherings for dinner or dessert at a faculty member’s home. The intimacy of the small campus provides unique opportunities for student fellowship and to spend quality time engaging in authentic conversation. And ultimately, creating relationships that will last far beyond the years spent at Crown.


College is a bridge for students. It is a period filled with experiences that distances them from being a child but introduces a gap before becoming a grown adult. This age is challenged with increased independence, difficult tasks, hard decisions, and often a great distance from the comforts of home. They need meaningful relationships and supportive role models who are encouraging and will help them get to where they want to be with positivity and promise. And they crave an educational experience that offers opportunities to embrace a wide range of activities, meet new people, discover interests, uncover skills and talents, and welcome new freedoms. Crown College adorns this bridge with its Christian-centric curriculum and a community that inspires students to lean into all these changes while fostering their faith and their focus on modeling a Christ-centered life.

It's not an easy feat to be an educational institution that promises to do all that, but Crown College believes its mission, vision, and values all contribute to an intimate college experience, whether it be undergraduate, graduate, or PSEO opportunities, that will set them apart from other private Christian schools, and certainly secular universities. Students at Crown College are part of a culture where friends and faculty affirm their faith, spend time in prayer, and grapple with life’s toughest issues together. They believe the years you spend in college are a time to set a firm foundation through the deep nurturing and development of all relationships. This framework allows graduates to feel better equipped to tackle a different set of trials and tribulations as they embark on yet another new adventure.  

For Crown College, deciding to pursue a higher education and choosing where to go isn’t just a leap of faith, it’s a leap into your faith along with academic excellence and a community like no other.


We have outstanding faculty and staff committed to integrating learning and faith in an environment that empowers and equips students to excel in their calling in any field. -Dr. Andrew Denton, President

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