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Cruising in Comfort and Style

Explore the waters of Your Boat Club for your summer adventures

You’ve been waiting all year for this. A cooler full of treats prepared, sunscreen on that delicate Minnesota winter skin, your hair whipping in the wind as you wave to the other boaters and mouth in unison, “This is amazing!” It’s officially boating season. Your favorite crewmates are on deck: Captain Dad, First Mate (most helpful child in the family), Navigator (newly licensed teen son), Chef (snack aficionado teen daughter), and Steward… that’s you! You feel relaxed, comfortable, and, above all, content. This day couldn’t be more blissful if you scripted it yourself. But wait, you did! Guided by Your Boat Club – the experts in top-quality boat rentals that get the splash seeker in you on the water with style and ease. Ready to plan your unforgettable summer voyage on the lake? Before you send an SOS, unsure of where to begin, come aboard with Trevor Gibson, Location Manager for Your Boat Club, as he steers us through Your Boat Club’s offerings and elevated hassle-free experience.   

“Your Boat Club offers a wide range of services. In addition to unlimited boating for our members, we offer half-day, full-day, and even week- or month-long rentals for anyone who would like to spend time on the water without the commitment to join the club,” Trevor shares. You can rent pontoons and fishing boats, so no matter your nautical adventure, YBC gives you that yay-I’m-a-boat-owner feeling without the ugh-I-have-to-maintain-and-store-this-thing vibe. And regardless of the watercraft you choose, rest assured it will be in tip-top shape. 

Of their fleet of over 400, not one boat is over 18 months old, and each is clean, gassed up, and ready for you at the marina on Your Boat Day. Trevor explains, “Our boats come out of the water every month or so and go through a complete servicing regimen. Our on-site technicians complete the repairs and maintenance and then personally test them in the water to ensure proper and safe operating conditions.” They are also cleaned thoroughly after every use, living up to one of their catchy taglines, “Our boats, your fun!”  

So, how does membership work? There are 3 different types to suit every water buff’s needs and desires, and each level offers different access to boats, days and times available, and how many reservations are allowed simultaneously. You simply show up in your new swimsuit with matching flip-flops, grab the keys from a member of their experienced dock staff, and you’re off! The same goes for when you’re sun-kissed and a little weary, with a memory bank full of indelible moments… just drop the keys and head home. No cleaning or gassing – only reflecting on all the day’s fun.

When planning your version of an ideal summer day or evening excursion, “If you’re heading out to snag some fish, then a fishing boat is perfect for you, but you can fish off any boat!” Trevor says that pontoons are very popular for people who might want to do a wide range of activities. “You can lay back and soak up some sun, cruise around the water and check out the scenery, have a picnic, or simply drop anchor and go swimming.” 

Most boats available through Your Boat Club accommodate approximately 8-12 passengers, and Trevor says you don’t need any experience to become captain of one of their ships — just a willing spirit and a sense of adventure. Included with membership is a free, thorough, in-person, on-the-water orientation that can be done as many times as you’d like. For their daily rentals, they provide a modified on-the-dock training class to help guide people a little less familiar with boats and how they operate. They will also go over any hazardous areas on the lakes and how to ensure an enjoyable, relaxed time on the water.

One of Your Boat Club’s missions is to provide its clients with the most memorable experiences in boating while ensuring a safe environment without the complexities of being a boat owner. “The YBC team is like family. We care about each other, help each other day in and day out, and we hope that this mutual respect shines through to our customers, who become like family to us as well.” This devoted team has hosted countless birthday, graduation, and anniversary parties, but Trevor recalls an extra special affair when their crew assisted with a marriage proposal. “She said yes!”

Now that the ‘where to rent the boat’ question is answered, how about some exciting ideas to enhance the occasion? On Lake Minnetonka, the obvious places - Lord Fletcher’s and Back Channel Brewing Co. - are essential destinations when making a pit stop. However, a favorite respite area of Trevor’s is Carson Bay, a quiet inlet where you’ll find Minnetonka Yacht Club. At the mouth of this peaceful harbor, you’ll find Lighthouse Island. “I wish I could live on that island!”

Another signature line that Your Boat Club often uses is “Life is Better on the Water.” And it’s true – the tranquility and warmth you feel when you’re with your people on one of nature’s shimmering jewels is nothing short of magical. But what takes it to the next level is the outstanding service and ease that setting sail with Your Boat Club offers. They make navigating those summer waters with the ones you love a refreshing lake breeze.    

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Your Boat Club gives you that yay-I’m-a-boat-owner feeling without the ugh-I-have-to-maintain-and-store-this-thing vibe.