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Cryo850 Performance and Recovery

Destin clinic offers unique therapies for wellness, recovery and esthetics

With another busy year behind us, you owe it to yourself to take a breath, a break, and reset your physical, mental and emotional being. Enjoy this relaxing and rejuvenating local experience to get you set for the year ahead.

Cryo850 is a locally-owned health spot offering unique ways to reap amazing health and beauty benefits. This includes body contouring, athletic recovery, detoxifying, and boosting overall wellness. They offer a New Client Day Pass for clients try the six services in their Wellness Circuit. Our publisher, Carmen Ionascu, tried on Cryo850 for size!

The Cryo850 staff is fully focused on a client’s experience and needs. Online self-registration through their website helps their staff match you to services that meet your specific needs. Cryo850 has something for people of all ages and health goals.

Editor: What drew you to Cryo850?

Carmen: I was drawn to Cryo850 because I lived in Japan for almost a decade. I used to visit hot springs, then go into the cold to tighten the skin. I know these things are beneficial.

Moving down here to Florida was quite challenging for me to not have access to these benefits. Discovering Cryo850 has made it less challenging. I was happy to find a place where I could be nostalgic about my time in Japan.

Editor: The services at Cryo850 are very unique - extreme cold, red light therapy, targeted freezing. Were you nervous? How did the staff help you?

Carmen: I was a little nervous. I hadn’t exposed my body to such a low temperature before. Kelly helped me to relax. I asked a lot of questions during the introductory tour.

The cryotherapy “Igloo” chamber looked like a massive freezer to me. But, when you go in, they give you a hat, boots, gloves. That makes it cute and approachable!

Editor: The benefits of cryotherapy, heat therapy, etc. are well-documented, but how did you feel after your experience there?

Carmen: This is a cool experience. I felt refreshed like a full day, working out feeling. Your muscles are still working after you go through extreme hot and cold.

Editor: Do you intend to make Cryo850 a part of your regular wellness routine?

Carmen: Yes! Absolutely. I’ll recommend this to everybody. I will try the Cocoon Fitness Pod next.

Services at Cryo850

NEW! Cocoon Fitness Pod - This combines three important therapies in one device.

Red Light Therapy - Takes advantage of FDA approved photobiomodulation, the science of how certain wave lengths restore the body at a cellular level.  Red light stimulates collagen. Skin tone is visibly improved while skin problems are diminished. Near infrared lights (NIR) help to manage pain, improve auto immune disease, brain health and even testosterone for men.

Infrared Light - Far infrared light delivers a sauna experience and promotes full body detoxification.

Full Body Vibration - The cocoon finishes with a full body vibration to activate lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Cryotherapy - Up to three minutes of exposure to -140°air. Increases metabolic rate and elicits vasoconstriction. After leaving the Igloo chamber, the body responds with vasodilation and a natural rush of dopamine like a runner’s high.

The Esthetics Department can provide a WILD ICE® Collagen Enhancement Treatment and a Detox/Fat Freezing Session.

Experience a wonderful head to toe reset, an education on drug-free technologies, and an introduction to a health-based community of lovely local people. Schedule a visit to start the new year prioritizing your health. We’ll see you there! 

CRYO850 is located in City Market Bayside, one mile east of Destin Commons at 4495 Furling Lane, Unit 10, Destin. Pre-register online at

Walk-ins welcome. Appointments recommended for new clients.

Service options: a la carte, packages, passes (day/week/2-4 week packages) & memberships.

Contact them on Facebook, Instagram, or 850.279.4145.