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Cryotherapy: A maintenance program for your body

A maintenance program for your body

Article by Hannah Buehler

Photography by Hannah Buehler

What does -210 degrees Fahrenheit feel like? We found out when visiting Buffalo Cryotherapy.

"We use nitrogen gas, you're virtually showered in it," said Pat Connors, previous Co-Owner of Buffalo Cryo.

Cryotherapy is also referred to as a maintenance program for your body. The three-minute treatment gets your skin to drop 20 degrees to get a flight or fight response from the cold.

The treatment, which is relatively new to the Buffalo area provides clients with a full-body healing experience. It helps athletes with soreness and muscle movement, and patients with things like rheumatoid arthritis and serious diseases like crohn's.

"Your body is reacting to the gas and producing all these anti-inflammatory properties," he said.

The gas doesn't penetrate the skin so your internal temp stays warm while your skin gets cold.

Experts say Cryo flushes out toxins and also has cosmetic benefits like increasing collagen in the skin.

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