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Crystal Miller Photography

A Creative Collaboration

My name is Crystal Miller, and I am the proprietor of a photographer studio in the beautiful Mill at Crane Pond, here in Westfield!  

I have an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts, with a concentration in Architectural Studies. I spent many years in corporate interior design, as well as design-related outside sales, before having a family. I re-entered the visual arts community with my love for photography, and my studio is slated to celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in November!

The photography experience with me is a creative collaboration; most clients have expressed that they haven't enjoyed "getting their photos done" as much as they have with me. I think what makes a shoot with me different is that I take pride in being joyful, supportive, and completely in the moment with them. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a fairly elaborate wardrobe...I get such a kick out of telling new clients that half of it is not mine!  Ha!  So many lovely people have literally donated - or allowed the studio to keep on loan - gorgeous props, gowns, shoes, hats, and more; I never even ask!  It's particularly special to me that so many women have left their special items with these exact words EVERY TIME: "I'm leaving this here so another woman can enjoy it.  If I need it back for a special occasion, I know where it is." 

And THAT is the spirit of my studio, particularly for Women's Portraiture. You will see on my Instagram examples of maternity, glamour, corporate headshots, engagement, graduation photos, model portfolios, and any creative projects with which I have been presented. I have been blessed with the opportunity to photograph some wonderful people of all ages in our little city - too many to name. 

I am honored to say this is my very first official publication! Incredibly, it coincides with a special creative project I just completed for NVM magazine for their Women's 'Empowerment' issue, which will be released in August. I was asked what might be next for me, to which I feel is complicated to answer...inspiration is often unexpected for creatives! I love photographing dancers of all ages, glowing expectant mothers, children exploring Grandmother's Garden, women in one of my gowns (with or without one of my six sets of studio wings) in front of a waterfall, spooky Halloween images in the woods, and even just a simple beautifully-lit portrait. It's my honor and pleasure to be invited to collaborate with you...I truly believe in the Art of Creating Memories!

Crystal Miller Photography

77 Mill St, Westfield


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