CT Provisions Crafted To Perfection

Downtown McKinney’s New Restaurant Takes You On A Culinary Journey and Adventure

Walking into the doors of CT Provisions is like stepping into the warm, rich escape of a 1920’s or 1930’s sexy speakeasy.  Only legal.

Stepping into what is a culinary journey and adventure like no other, CT Provisions is a restaurant and Cocktail Parlor that combines the allure and romance of the past with the cutting-edge skill and mastery of the future by offering an unrivaled menu and cocktail parlor immersion.

With cocktails and a menu crafted with such precision, the devil is in the details. Right down to the sourced food ingredients and finest meats and freshest produce to the exquisitely designed details of the glassware and deft hands of chefs and cocktail creators.

By far though, freshness and creativity are their favorite ingredients in this culinary experience.

With five partners, there is a wealth of experience in the industry. Bringing along a career of crafting and curating is General Manager Manny Casas. Making up the collective of partners includes Manny, along with Steven Terry, Jeff Taylor, Matt Walker and Bryan Gibson.

Manny is a self-proclaimed creative, drawing and doodling constantly, he gets his inspiration from his strong faith, his wife Georgia and his two-year-old son, Ryder. Manny’s experience begins modestly as a 15-year-old with his newspaper route, learning early that, “hard work is the key to success.” He is driven by purpose and goals. From the newspaper to his culinary career, “I knew this was what I was meant to do,” Manny started working at Shoney’s Restaurant at 16. With years, time, dedication, and hard work, he earned himself the role of esteemed Captain at some of the finest establishments in the business: Café Pacific in Highland Park, Smith & Wollensky’s and Jasper’s to customizing drink programs and consulting. But McKinney holds a special place for Manny, he spent time at Goodhue’s on the square and helped open Rye with Matt Hamilton of Local Yocal. That sold after two years and so began the genesis of CT Provisions. 

Proclaimed in 2019, at patio time with family, Manny said, “in 2020 I am opening a new place.” And amidst Covid-19, and true to his word, CT Provisions opened its doors on October 1st, 2020.  Guided by his basic principles of, “God first, giving back to the community, and it’s about time I opened my own place”, Manny combines his foundation with his vision and experience.  CT Provisions is not just a place, but a guiding light of inspiration. “It’s a lifestyle, it’s not just a restaurant and a bar – it’s so much more than that.” And his philosophy extends to more than curating menus, “it’s about curating relationships,” Casas explains, “McKinney is as close a community as it comes and are very dedicated.” He continues, “we constantly strive to make each and every patron our most important one.” He continues, “it’s all about great relationships and making something special and like nothing else you can experience anywhere else.”

Executive Chef Carlos Mancera executes the menu with precision and mastery. With its varied menu and unmatched service, “it’s a blend of an eclectic, cutting edge menu, and the new supper club experience.”

The cocktail parlor includes an extensive variety and drink experience without you having to go underground.  From Loose Lips, to Buck Nasty, to Trippin’ Daisey to Sho’ Nuff, Matt Walker, the magician and behind-the-bar Cocktail Specialist and staff, concoct extraordinary drinks. These complex potions are inspired by past centuries but mixed with present-day spirits.

From the brass-colored tiles adorning the walls to the gleaming lights illuminating the bar to the throwback green barstools, you are immediately drawn into the parlor.  The vibe is cool, comfortable and fueled by a clandestine edge that immerses you in an environment you don’t want to leave. And if you can’t come in and stay? No worries, they thought of that too. They offer a walk-up window to serve you their timeless, tasty traditions.

Not to be outdone, their menu exceeds expectations. As their website promises and invites you to, “Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind.”

We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey at CT Provisions Cocktail Parlor & Kitchen. 


It’s the must-see-and-be-seen downtown McKinney hot spot that combines vintage flair with an innovative twist.

This top-rated downtown McKinney restaurant offers amazing specials and events each week. Including the upcoming February specially-paired menu which includes a romantic, yet delectable menu featuring ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ cocktails.

Thanks to years of experience and dedication, they have become masters of the craft. Providing dishes that are fresh, mouthwatering and simply unforgettable. 

CT Provisions Cocktail Parlor & Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. They want their guests to enjoy a unique dining experience using fresh and sustainable ingredients—taking you on a culinary journey like no other.

“From classic recipes to new-age kitchen adventures, each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food presented in a simple yet pleasing manner.”

​Their focus is providing the McKinney community with hospitality and dining at its finest.


205 W. Louisiana, Suite 102
McKinney, TX 75069

Open Daily Except Mondays


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