Culinary Journey

A Story of Gratitude, Heritage, and Heartfelt Meals

Chef Kryssie began her culinary journey in 2005, earning an Associate of Science in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of CA — Orange County in 2007. She started as a line cook at Angel Stadium in 2007 and continued at a Tustin golf course from 2008 to 2011. She further honed her skills at the Hyatt in Newport Beach (2011-2012) and as a corporate management trainee with Hyatt in San Antonio, TX (2012-2013). Returning to California, Chef Kryssie served as a banquet chef at the Hyatt in Newport Beach from 2013 to 2017.

In 2016, Chef Kryssie introduced her concept of Modern Filipino-inspired food through popup dinners, marking a turning point in her career. She then served as a Restaurant chef at Hilton in Costa Mesa from 2017 to 2019. However, 2020 brought both a promotion to Executive Sous Chef and an unforeseen challenge – the pandemic led to a sudden job loss.

Seizing the moment, Chef Kryssie transitioned to a freelance personal chef in 2020, embracing the autonomy and control over her schedule. This shift not only sustained her but empowered her to deliver personalized, heartfelt culinary experiences.

Chef Kryssie's passion for cooking and nurturing others was nurtured early on, inspired by her family's culinary prowess, especially her grandmother's. Early exposure to the kitchen and her admiration for Martha Stewart and Great Chefs of the World fueled her culinary aspirations. Her caring nature finds expression in her devotion to those closest to her, rooted in gratitude for their unwavering support.

Her Filipino heritage, initially a source of self-consciousness, emerged as a powerful asset. It offered a unique perspective on flavor fusion, enabling her to seamlessly blend Filipino tastes for a diverse audience. Her ability to appeal not only to Filipinos but also to non-Filipinos and non-Asians stands as a testament to the richness of her culinary heritage.

Cooking, she believes, should always be infused with love and intention. Negative energies have no place in her kitchen. She advises others to approach their culinary endeavors with a positive spirit, as the energy invested inevitably shapes the final result. This heartfelt approach, she asserts, results in dishes that are not only flavorful but also resonate on a deeper emotional level.

Chef Kryssie's culinary prowess extends beyond flavors; it evokes memories and emotions. Filipino cuisine, in particular, carries her back to her childhood, evoking a sense of euphoria. Her joy lies in serving her unique interpretation of Filipino dishes, offering a taste of familiarity even in the midst of innovation.

Food, for Chef Kryssie, transcends borders, unifying people across diverse backgrounds. The act of sharing a meal, especially during the holidays, is an intimate exchange that bridges cultural divides. Her cooking, a fusion of heritage and innovation, fosters connections and gratitude, exemplified by a memorable Thanksgiving/birthday dinner she prepared. The Filipino-inspired feast resonated deeply with her client's guests, invoking cherished childhood memories and creating an unforgettable celebration.

In the world of Chef Kryssie, every dish is a canvas for love, intention, and heritage. It's an art form that transcends taste, creating culinary experiences that resonate on a deeply emotional level. Through her remarkable journey, Chef Kryssie imparts a timeless lesson: cooking, when infused with passion, becomes a vessel of gratitude, a bridge between cultures, and a catalyst for meaningful connections.

"The act of sharing a meal, especially during the holidays, is an intimate exchange that bridges cultural divides."

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