Cultivating a Home

Sarah Williams brings home coastal southern charm

Sarah Williams has been cultivating beautiful spaces for years. Although she studied advertising and fashion merchandising at the University of South Carolina, Sarah landed in the pharmaceutical industry after college. The fast pace and hectic atmosphere of this industry found her craving a space to rest and relax at the end of each day. She made quick work of cultivating her own home to provide the calm, rest, and beauty she needed. Over the next decade, she helped friends and family members cultivate similar spaces within their own homes. 

In January 2020, Sarah left the world of pharmaceuticals and founded Locke Interior Design. From the outset, her mission has been to create beautiful, functional spaces. Her coastal southern style places an emphasis on simplicity, banishing clutter and chaos. Her signature looks are light and airy with a few pops of color.  

To her career, Sarah has always brought a strong work ethic instilled in her by her mother. Within the pharmaceutical industry, this served her well. Her ability to drive goals while providing exemplary customer service resulted in multiple awards within the corporate world. The success was rewarding. However, two key attributes were missing: balance and passion.    With Locke Interiors, Sarah is able to create a balance between career and motherhood. Her children - Banks and Locke - are the beneficiaries of that balance. Locke Interiors also provides a platform for Sarah’s passion, which is creating beautiful spaces for families to enjoy together. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Sarah offers:

Interior Design Consultations

Interior Facelifts

Space Planning

Finishing Details

New Home Construction






Home Accessories

Sarah’s design studio is located at 208 W. Main Street in Lexington, where she has recently added a retail shop for home decor and gifts. Visit with her by appointment only. On the internet, find her at LockeInteriorDesign.com


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