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Cultivating Joy

Home decor store Moss & Ivy converts locals to plant-lovers, one person at a time.

You know those special places you walk into and just being there makes you feel good? Moss & Ivy is one of those places—an enchanting plant and home decor shop with a welcoming vibe. Situated near Mason’s Downtown Plaza, the store’s concept was born during the pandemic and opened in June 2021.

“The idea came to me on a summer day in 2020,” shop owner Jackie Smith remembers. “Working mostly from home in my current career gave me the opportunity to sit still and ask myself, ‘if I could do anything, what would it be?’ I felt drawn to opening a plant shop. But also living near downtown Mason, I’ve always craved a nearby store that has all of my favorite things.”

She landed on an idea for a shop with items like plants, unique pottery, interesting home decor, books, and candles. Jackie’s vision also included a space with a garage door. 

She recalls, “I didn’t have to go far to find the perfect space. I discovered an old beer drive-thru that had been sitting vacant for years.” While the building needed a lot of work, she couldn’t pass it up. “It not only had one garage door, it had two!”  

Jackie recently celebrated Moss & Ivy’s first anniversary with her staff and two children, who worked nights and weekends to help her open. “I have an amazing team of women who make the store what it is every day and call it their happy place,” she says. 

The store hasn’t only brought smiles to the staff. “When the garage doors are open and the music is on, the vibe is perfect at Moss & Ivy,” says Jackie. “Customers say they come to our store because they need to lift their spirits, so I know we have something special. Seeing how the store provides joy has been a sweet and humbling feeling.”

Stop in to experience Moss & Ivy for yourself. Take in the store’s unique atmosphere while browsing beautiful decor pieces, items for entertaining, gorgeous plants, and maybe even something for your pet!

Whether you need a gift for a friend, or you simply want to browse for yourself, you’ll find practical and whimsical items that anyone would enjoy unwrapping (even if that someone is you)!

Tips for Your Home Oasis 

Tailored Plant Recommendations

Incorporating plants into home decor is a growing trend, and Moss & Ivy is the place to go if you need some pointers. “Plants can go anywhere you have light, whether that’s little or plentiful,” Jackie explains. “We can guide you to the best plant for your space depending on your available light and the level of maintenance you prefer.”

Jackie and her staff can also introduce you to ideal beginner plants, “Many of our customers started out with one plant in one room and now have plants in every room,” she says. 

Decorating With Plants

With a unique, decorative planter, you can quickly transform any room of your house from boring to lively and interesting.  

Watch the Water

Most plants hate to be overwatered! If you feel like you kill every plant that you’ve ever bought, typically it’s because you’ve been overwatering them or the lighting is not appropriate for your plant choices.  

Safety First

Many plants are toxic to animals. “We can help guide customers to the best pet-safe plants if they have dogs or cats that might try to eat a leaf or two,” says Jackie.

Beginner Plants

There are two great beginner plants that require very little light and do not require weekly watering like most plants. 

They are the Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant) or what the Moss & Ivy team calls, “the Easy ZZ” and the Sansevieria or the Snake Plant. Both are low-maintenance and add great warmth and dimension to any room.

Moss & Ivy

117 Reading Road, Mason

513.972.8000 |

“Customers say they come to our store because they need to lift their spirits, so I know we have something special."

  • Ivy, Moss & Ivy's muse.

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